How to make henna editions

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How to make henna editions – ” Contents1 Heat editions2 Hanaa Edition Work3 steps to make the henna edition4 Using Henna EditionHeat EditionsGirls love to draw the henna inscription on their hands, shoulders or legs, but many of them face a difficulty in controlling the henna hydro and hold it regularly, or it may be difficult for them to draw the beautiful henna engraving on the Body, it guarantees the drawing of henna engraving accurately, tidy and consistent, which are henna editions.Loved to be alone in your own character, you can make the character you want with ease.Henna editionTo make henna editions, you need binding paper and preferably using thick binding paper, a sharp pen, thin, thin, ink and glue, in addition to choosing the henna edition you want, and you can search the Internet Images of henna prints and graphics, and choose the design you like, and print it on the A4 paper with a reduction of the size of the design before printing it according to the size of the hand or where you want to print the henna, and an old glass or wooden plate to dig on.Steps to make the henna printThe reinforced binding paper is cut to the size of the size of the henna character, and it rents on two layers to facilit

2 Hanaa edition work

ate the work of two printers for the one time, so that the sovereign paper is the phenomenon, to facilitate the drawing on.The A4 sheet is fixed on the glass or wooden plate, and the drawing drawn on it with a sharp blade is determined accurately so that the paper or drawing is not torn, while choosing great care when using the code to avoid a wound.يثبت شكل الرسم الناتج من الخطوة السابقة على ورق التجليد المقوى بالصمغ، والانتظار حتّى يجف الصمغ ويثبت الشكل على ورق التجليد، ثمّ يثبت ورق التجليد على اللوح الزجاجي أو الخشبي ويقص الشكل الملصق على ورق التجليد بالشفرة بدقة متناهية، وبهذا تكونين قد انتهيت من صنع طابع الحنّاء Your.Use of henna editingIn the case of printing henna on the hand or any other place, the excess hair from this area is removed if it is the case, and it is well cleaned with soap and water to get rid of skin oils that can form an isolation that prevents The dyeing of the skin in the color of henna properly, Remove the cardboard and respect the hand, for example, henna is unique to the skin that appears through the cardboard, waiting to dry completely and wiping the henna from the hand, wash it Well, remove the cardboard from the hand and wash it again.Was the article

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How to make henna editions

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