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How to make henna nails – ” Contents1 nail sensitivity2 Benefits of henna for nails3 The benefits of body for the body4 How to make nail tooth5 Nail Removal6 tips before using henna7 referencesNails HannahHanna or henna has been used since ancient times, especially in the Middle East, Spain and India, where it was an important part and weather in Hindu wedding parties Girls who have trouble installing nail polish for a long time, in addition to its health benefits, the other is like limiting fungal infection with nails, and henna colors vary on the nails; There is a dark brown and there is a bright orange, and in this article, we will talk about how to make henna to the nail. [1] [2]Benefits of henna for nailsHenna is characterized by antibacterial properties, infections and viruses, because it prevents bacterial infection in the area of the nail sheath and in particular, in addition to placing them on the nail bed, helps to get rid of irritation, pain and infection, and it should Be noted that drinking water from the henna leaves prevents the breakage of the nails, it reduces infections. [3]Benefits of henna for the bodyThere are many benefits of henna that belong to the body, the most important of which a

2 Benefits of henna for nails

re:[3]Hanna is a safe natural hair dye that does not always affect the health of hair follicles.Improve the health of the hair, reduce dandruff and break the hair, and give it a shiny and beautiful look.Protect hair against hair loss or baldness.Anti-aging and signs of aging, such as wrinkles, in addition to relieving skin blemishes and scars, which is done by applying the skin with henna oil, which is characterized by its maintenance properties.Healing wounds, sunburns, scratches and eliminating infections, because henna provides a protective layer against pathogens and substances surrounding the skin.Reducing fever and headaches by applying henna water directly to the skin, as its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce stress and improve healthy blood flow in the capillaries.Reduce joint pain and rheumatism by applying henna oil to inflamed or affected areas.Get rid of insomnia, lack of comfort and help with a comfortable sleep, by adding henna oil to a group of herbs and drinking them, making the body in complete relaxation.Get rid of body toxins, soaking and drinking henna leaves in water, which improves the work of the spleen and liver, because the liver helps to eliminate t

3 The benefits of the body for the body

oxins that accumulate in the body.Protect the body from the risk of several diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, blood platelets in the heart and arteries and blood pressure diseases, by drinking henna water or its seeds.How to make nailsThere are many ways to make henna to the nail, the most important of which are:The first methodThis method is done with the following steps: [4]IngredientsA quantity of henna powder.A quantity of water.Lemonade.How to prepare and useMix the ingredients well until a firm paste is obtained.Cover the mixture and set aside for 4 to 6 hours.During this time, the hands are washed, the leather appendages are removed and a nail trim is applied.Vaseline is placed around the nails so that the surroundings are not stained.At the end of the period mentioned, a thick layer of henna paste is placed on the nails with a brush or a wooden stick, then left to dry completely.It should be noted that the longer the period of henna on the nail, the more likely the color.After that, the nails are covered with a cloth or a plastic cover.The nails are left for 8 hours, then the henna shown on them is removed by rubbing gently, and soap should be avoided for 24 hours.Th

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e second methodThis method is done with the following steps: [5]ingredientsVaseline Medical.Two tablespoons of Black Hania.Two tablespoons of hair dye oxygen or as needed to knead.One teaspoon of black stone powder, which is called henna stone and is obtained from perfume.O or more dental sticks.A small bowl is preferred to be made of glass.A few drops of lemon juice.How to prepare and useMix the amount of henna and black stone well with each other.Add oxygen to the mixture until a firm paste is obtained.Leave the mixture for an hour in the refrigerator to allow it to ferment.During this time, the layer surrounding the nails is applied with a large amount of medical petroleum jelly to protect this area.The henna is placed on the nail, or the designs and engravings can be drawn on with a toothpick.Leave the henna on for an hour or two to gain a dark color, then the henna is removed by washing the hands with soap and warm water.The hands dry well and it is advisable to put a few drops of lemon juice to keep the resulting color.Removing the nailThese are the most effective ways to remove henna from nails:Baking soda and lemon juiceIngredients: 2-3 large baking soda, juice 2-3 lemon co

rns, pads, fibers, cotton pieces.How to prepare and use: mix lemon juice and baking soda well with each other, then put the mixture on the nails with the help of cotton and leave it for 10 minutes Wash hands with warm water and dry well. [6]]Olive oil and saltIngredients: 1-2 tablespoons of salt, olive oil, water, fiber, cotton.How to prepare and use: Mix the olive oil and salt well, then put the mixture on the nails with the help of cotton and rubbed gently until the color of the Henger disappears from the nails, then the hands are washed with water and dry well, well, and it should be noted that the color of the henna may not disappear from the first use of this, the method is recommended to repeat it at least 3 to 4 days a day to permanently eliminate the henna. [6]Tips before using hennaThese are the most important tips to follow before using henna on your nails: [7]Avoid using metal utensils when preparing the henna mixture to avoid interaction of the materials with the utensils.Make sure there is no sensitivity, by performing a small test on the hand of the hand.the reviewerWas the item useful?

How to make henna nails

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