How to make nails

1 Made of nails

How to make nails – “Contents1 in nails2 How to place the nails according to the shape of the nails3 steps to nail polish4 referencesManufacturingCoating vehicles contain chemical compounds in specific proportions such as nitrospalose, volatile oils, in addition to castor oil and different colors, and when making the paint, it takes into account that it is loose until the nail is easily applied, but if the paint becomes Thick, it is added a few drops of the paints of the paint that contains light acetate, acetone paint remover is not suitable to relieve nail polish; Because its volatile oil content loses its distinctive color. [1]Nails can be applied by providing the following tools: [1]Fuels of a clear nail base coat.Help with eyeshadow or colored powder colors.Repression of the small paper.Sixing action tool.Shoes Eye with a strong shine or a sure shot.How to place the nails on the nails: [1]As a first step, choose the color you want from the list of colors of your eyeshadow, remove the color from the box and collapse finely until the soft and unfair.Empty the contents of the nail polish foundation onto the color you have crushed, stir well, then leave it for minutes to hide the mixture, then stir u

2 How to place the nails according to the shape of the nails

ntil you make sure that all the color atoms have dissolved inside the liquid foundation Paint.After you have the desired color, put the repression in the empty paint foundation can, restore the ingredients, and enjoy a distinctive and attractive color.For more shine in your work, you can add the shiny color to the color powder of the shades and merge it with a color foundation liquid, to get a distinctive shine in the nail polish.How to put the nails according to the shape of the nailsThe method in which the nail polish or So-called nail is placed on the shape different as follows: [2]The oval shape of the nail: its shape can be changed by covering the entire nail with the paint, or the paint is drawn in a crescent at the base, or at the free end, and this gives the nail a shape that suggests the length.The shape of the nail thinned: a crescent can be placed at the base of the nails and transverse waves can be drawn that give more space to the shape of the paint to the nail.Round nail shape: the paint is placed on the whole nail, leaving a thin white margin on its sides.Rectangular or square shape: put the paint on the whole nail, leaving a crescent shape at the base and a thin whi

3 nail polish steps

te margin on the sides of the nail.Nails need complete care and attention, so it is necessary to use good types of paint that contain safe materials that do not harm the nails.Steps of nail polishThere are three main steps for nail polish, namely: [3]Possessing the coating layer: This layer gives a smooth surface to the nail and helps to stick the paint to its surface, as well as reduces the natural color of the nail due to the frequent use of the color paint.The color coating layer: it is taken into account when applying on the non-polluted skin surrounding the nail, and the colored paint is placed with three strokes with a special brush.The installed layer: this layer gives brightness to the nail and fixes the color so that the paint has a final color on the nail.the reviserWas the article useful?

How to make nails

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