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Softness or doctrine is made of sugar; To remove body hair, which is a safe, inexpensive and environmentally friendly method, in addition to its advantages of hair removal, the hair requires 6-8 weeks until it becomes new and grow less about than before,[1] and its The results last longer than shaving with the blade, it does not require the use of cloth strips, such as: waxing with wax, and is considered a good choice for sensitive skin; Because of the ingredients of non-toxic smoothness, used at room temperature, it can be easily made, and this article will be mentioned in a way to make smoothness at home. [2]

Ways to make sweetness

The methods to make softness from home are easy and simple, and natural components are needed in the kitchen and are safely used on all areas of the body where unwanted hair is present, and the methods are:[3]

The first method

This is a simple household method for the softness of the softness at home, and the method is: [3]

4 cups of sugar, or (2 cups of sugar + 2 cups of honey).
Half a cup of lemon juice.
Half a cup of water.
How to prep

2 Methods of making sweetness

All ingredients are mixed in a pan.
Heat the pan over a low flame until the sugar begins to bubble.
When the mixture turns golden brown, the sweetness is ready.
Let the mixture cool a little, and because it cools very quickly, it is best to put a bowl of hot water under the sweetness of the sweetness; To keep the liquid sweet, but it should not be applied very hot; To not burn the skin.

The second method

This is another way to make home sweetness and need brown sugar, and the method is:[3]

2 cups of brown sugar.
One and a half cups of lemon juice.
how to prepare:
The ingredients are mixed in a pan and placed on the stove over a low flame, until the mixture boils and becomes a brown focused solution.
Store in a plastic or glass jar.

The third method

This is another simple way, that is:[3]

1 cup of sugar.
2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
2 tablespoons of water.
Honey (optional).
how to prepare:
The ingredients are heated on the stove over a low flame.
Keep stirring so that the mixture does not burn.
Boil the mixture until the sugar dissolves and forms a pure yellow solution -y.
The mixture is placed in a suitable jar and is kept in the refrigerator;

3 hair removal tips

To use it when needed.

Fourth method

This is another way to make sweetness and it contains brown sugar, and if it is not available, it can be replaced by white sugar, and the method is:[3]

Fruit of half a lemon.
A quarter cup of honey.
One cup of brown sugar.
how to prepare:
Combine ingredients in a bowl and stir mixture until smooth.
Heat the mixture in the microwave for 1.5 to 3 minutes.
The microwave must be stopped when the bubbles appear, to get the mixture properly so that the mixture does not become very hot and get a mixture that looks like honey.

Fifth method

This is another way to make sweetness at home, adding chamomile, and the method is:[4]

4 bags of chamomile tea.
2 frying pan allocated to the preparation of the sauce.
2 cups of white or brown sugar.
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice.
Half a cup of water.
A glass container.
how to prepare:
Put the chamomile tea bags in a pan and add water to it, and leave on the pan until it boils.
Turn off the stove after boiling and leave the tea until it sits for 30 minutes.
The bags are removed and a half cup of chamomile tea is taken.
Add half a cup of water and half a cup of chamomile tea pre

pared in another pan.
Add the sugar and lemon to the previous fluids and mix well until the mixture is smooth.
The mixture is placed over medium heat while continuing to move.
Allow to boil for several more minutes until it becomes darker than it was originally.
The sweetness is removed from the pan and transferred to a glass bowl.
Allow to cool until it becomes warm so that it can be applied to the body.

The sixth method

This method is added to Soywax, and the method is:[5]

A small double kettle.
One cup of soy wax.
Wooden spoon.
One cup of brown sugar.
One cup of honey.
Half a cup of lemon juice.
Half a cup of water.
Delicious balance of heat.
A safe heat pot with lid.
How to prepare:
Water is placed in the outer boilers on the stove.
The inner boiler is placed on top when boiling water in the outer kettle.
In the inner kettle, the soy wax, reduce the heat of the stove and stir until the wax dissolves.
Add the sugar and honey and stir until the sugar dissolves.
Add the water and lemon juice to the previous mixture with stirring.
The temperature of the gold is increased until the mixture reaches 230-240 degrees Fahrenheit, or until the mixture turns dark.
The sweet

ness in a safe heat pot is captured once it is ready, and it can be used when its temperature becomes 110 ° F, placed in the refrigerator until it is used, and it is heated in the microwave when used.

Hair removal tips

The following tips to remove hair can be followed by gentle, and relief is the skin irritation caused after its use, including:[4][3]

When the softness of the softness becomes safe, it is distributed on the skin with wooden ice cream sticks, and the clean or cloth strips can be used to press the softness for a few seconds, and then it is removed quickly and in a rapid movement and contrary to the direction of hair growth.
A bowl that contains warm water can be placed soon and put a sweet bowl on it; To keep it soft and flexible when using.
Avoid exposing the skin on which the sweetness is applied to the sun; For it is sensitive and exposed to hyperpigmentation.
Peel the body before a few days; To soften the skin and relieve the pain when removing hair, without using peeling products, or lofa for 24 hours after hair removal, and use a peeled light after 24 hours; To remove the dead skin that causes undeveloped hair.
Aloe vera gel or tea tree oil is applied to the s

kin after removing the hair; To calm it down and relieve the pain.
You should wear loose clothes after hair removal; Because tight clothes increase the skin irritation and the problem of undeveloped hair.
If the skin is sensitive, you should avoid the use of softness during the menstrual period.
When you constantly use the softness, the skin gets used to it and will not be sensitive to it.

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How to make sweetness

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