How to make vapor face at home

1 The importance of the steam bath for the face

How to make vapor face at home – ” Contents1 The importance of facial steaming2 How to do facial steam3 The right time for facial steaming4 The benefits of facial steaming5 ReferencesThe importance of facial steamingThe face is exposed to dust, dirt and impurities that are attached to its pores, which leads to its blockage, and the formation of pimples on the face, and blackheads on the nose, so the exceptional impurities and dust must be removed, by cleaning the face with the steam bath; As this is one of the best ways to clean the skin, whether the outer or inner layer, it causes the skin to sweat, removing all its dirt and plankton, and also eliminates dead cells, so that the facial skin becomes more Soft and fresh, and it is easy to make a steam bath for the face at home instead of going to salons, it does not require special tools, and we will learn in this article the benefits of steam to the face, with the right way to work. [1]How to do facial steamtraditional wayFacial steam can be made using a small cooking bowl. The method is:[2]Ingredients:A small cooking bowl.Several cups of water.Facial wash.A glass bowl.Dried herbs or essential oil.A large towel.The facial mask is like a cosmetic clay mask or honey.

2 How to make facial vapor

Toner.Skin moisturizer.A piece of cotton.How to prepare:Boil the water in the cooking pot.Clean the skin using the face wash; To get rid of dirt and makeup.Dry the skin with the help of the towel.Pour boiling water into a glass bowl.Dried herbs, or several drops of base oil, can be added to the water.Put the towel on the head as the tent, fold on the bowl of water until the steam rises, touches the skin and leaves a good distance so that the rising steam does not cause burning of the face.Vaccinate the face for 10 minutes and keep the eyes closed.Apply a mask appropriate for the skin type and leave it on for 15 minutes.Gently rinse the face with warm water.Apply a skin toner with a cotton ball.Moisturizing mode the skin; Because the face of the face leads to dry skin.Electric steam deviceThe face is evaporated with an electric face steamer. The method is:[3]ingredients:Facial steam machine.A quantity of water according to the instructions mentioned on the device.Skin cleaning or scrub.Skin mask or skin to prepare:Keep the hair away from the face with a bundle or towel, then clean the skin with lotion or peel it with exfoliation.Fill the device with the right water, then p

3 The appropriate time for facial vapor

lace the device on the table at an appropriate height with the seat; To use the device in a sitting position.Place the face on the top opening that looks like the cone, taking care to leave the distance mentioned in the instructions.The face of the face is between 2 and 3 minutes, then take a break. Examine the skin; because the steam resulting from the device is strong compared to other methods.Dry the face after finishing the evaporation or let it dry naturally.Easily a skin mask that contains ingredients that the skin absorbs or apply a skin cream.Warm towelThis is a simple way to spray the face. The method is:[3]ingredients:Clean towel.A quantity of warm water.Skin cleansing or to prepare:Connect the hair, clean the skin with a light cleanser or gently peel it.Soak the towel with water and its time; To get rid of excess water, take caution and caution against the heat of the water so that it does not cause burns.Put the towel on the face, cover it completely while sitting down, turn the back to the back or lie down.Divide the process by two minutes for each step, without exceeding the entire process.Proper time for facial steamingThe required period when the face

4 The benefits of steam for the face

is steamed on the type of skin, which is: [3]Ordinary skin and mixed skin: facial vaccination once a week for 12 minutes each time.Dry skin: facial vaccination twice a week for 10 minutes for a quarter.Oily skin: facial vaccination twice a week for 12 minutes for one trimester.Sensitive skin: consult a dermatologist before changing the face.Benefits of facial steamingFacial steaming is useful for the skin in several ways, including: [4]Cleansing the skin: Steam opens the pores, removes dirt, accumulated impurities and dries blackheads, which is easy to remove.Adding natural freshness to the face: hot steam increases perspiration, which expands blood vessels, thus stimulating blood circulation and increases the blood flow charged with the face.Acne Treatment: Steam treats acne by removing dead skin, bacteria and impurities that block pores, causing acne and eliminating the fat trapped under the skin, which is usually caused by the proliferation of bacteria that cause acne and blackheads.Skin hydration: the steam increases the production of natural fats in the skin, which naturally hydrates the face.Increased absorption of skin care products: the application of skin care products and

masks beneficial to the skin after steaming improve the skin of these benefits; because steam increases the permeability of the skin.Maintain young skin: it increases blood flow to the face, which improves collagen production, and elastin maintains the skin of the skin.Relaxation: the sensation of hot steam gives a sense of calm and relaxation, and herbs and essential oils can be added; To increase its effectiveness by feeling more relaxed and relieves sinus congestion, which is usually accompanied by a feeling of headache.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to make vapor face at home

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