How to mix shea butter with olive oil

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How to mix shea butter with olive oil – ” Contents1 Shea butter2 Mixing shea butter and olive oil3 The benefits of shea butterShea butterIt is known that the fatty substances produced by the skin are the same in shea butter, which makes it a good treatment for dry skin and foods that are suitable for the skin, it has recently begun to enter the shea butter in many industries and skin care and skin care preparations with the intention of moisturizing and nourishing it and prevent its dryness, and in this article we will examine the most important benefits of shea butter and how to prepare skin care products with shea butter and olive oil.Mixing shea butter and olive oilThere is a group of cosmetics that are made by mixing olive oil, shea butter and vitamin E with the intention of moisturizing faces and sides that are suitable for all skin types and can be prepared as follows:Ingredients and toolsWe must prepare the cream for a large burst of shea butter, three tablespoons of olive oil, with a spoon of aloe vera gel and another of rose water, two of the beeswax, a quarter of a spoon of liquid leesethin, in addition to Three drops of any aromatic liquid and a gram of vitamin E, mixing to whisk the ingredients together and t

2 Mix shea butter and olive oil

he boiler to double use.Method of preparationUsing the blender, mix both aloe vera gel with rose water.Put the water in the lower kettle at a medium temperature and wait for a little boil.At the top of the kettle, add olive oil, chia honey and wax honey to melt the temperature of the water placed in the lower kettle.Once the mixture is melted, add both lecithin and vitamin E.Add a mixture of rose water and aloe vera gel, which was prepared in the first steps of shea butter and olive oil, and whisk the mixture well for a period of at least five minutes.Add drops of essential liquid to the mixture, then fill it with a glass bowl and keep it in a cool place, this product will last six months.It is necessary to realize the need not to use shea butter alone on the skin, because it is heavy on sensitive skin and can cause irritation and lead to the appearance of pills, so it is better to mix them with olive oil or any of the skin care products.The benefits of shea butterAge-fighting and a good moisturizer for dry skin.Reduces sunburn.It treats skin wounds and cracks.Prevent pregnant women from expanding marks.It removes red and white lines from the body.Reduce the effect of insect bites.

3 The benefits of shea butter

Eczema is treated.An effective treatment when muscle fatigue.Standardize the color of the skin and make it very soft.Treat the skin from radiation and other medical problems.It limits the spread of acne.It is used in the manufacture and preparation of cosmetics.Shea butter limits the irritation of the scalp.Smoothing of hair.Protect the hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.Smooth the area of the knees and elbows.Was the article useful?

How to mix shea butter with olive oil

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