How to moisturize the skin

1 moist your skin with products [[useful home information

How to moisturize the skin – ” Contents1 moisten your skin with products [[Useful home information2 cactus3 rose water and yeast4 egg whites and almond oil5 pumpkin6 avocado, honey or yogurt7 cucumber juice mask8 parsley maskMoisturize your skin with products [[Useful home informationFor beautiful and glowing skin, you must keep your skin moisturized. Without moisture, the skin remains dry and ignoring the texture, and to get a moist skin, we advise you to accept natural products. Although these natural products are not sufficient alone, they are an effective complement to cosmetic creams. Discover with us the materials available in your kitchen and some home recipes that will help you keep your skin clean, healthy and vibrantAloe veraRemove the tip of the aloe vera and apply the emulsion extracted from it on the inflamed and red skin revives the skin and sends comfort, and it also gives an effect similar to an ointment that moisturizes and calms the skin. That’s if you don’t have a sensitivity to aloe (aloe vera). Some people call the soothing characteristics of aloe vera and anti-inflammatory.There are plants known for their moisturizing properties because they contain natural moisturizing materials such as

2 cactus

Panama wood – Labb – licorice – melon – watermelon – pumpkin – tomatoesRose water and yeastWe wipe the face with rose water, then put the yeast, mix with rose water and put the form of a mask for the face, leave it until dry, then peel off, then put two sponges in warm waterEgg white and almond oilWe put the egg whites of almonds and a little rose water on the face. We are left until dry and repeat the process of wiping with warm waterPumpkinThe pumpkin is excellent as a softener and moisturizer for the skin, because it contains natural properties that renew the skin and erase the signs of the years, making it glow and beautifulAvocado, honey or yogurtWhere these are all moisturizers for the skinCucumber juice maskingredientsSpoons of cucumber juice, 2 tablespoons of rose water, 2 few flours of olive oilhow to prepareMix the cucumber juice with water and olive oil, then add the flour to hold the mixture and leave the mask on your face for 10 minutes and remove with cold waterA teaspoon of yogurt a quarter of orange juiceLeave on your face for 5 minutes and rinse with cold waterParsleyIt is used as parsley leaf, which can be prepared by soaking parsley leaves in boiling water for 15

3 rose water and yeast

minutes, straining it and letting it cool. Wash the face with it.Was the article useful?

4 egg white and almond oil

How to moisturize the skin

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