How to narrow the face pores

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How to narrow the face pores – “Contents1 skin pores2 reasons for the appearance of large pores3 ways to restrict skin pores4 VIDEO OF THE HAND5 referencesPores in the skinThe presence of pores in the skin is normal, because the skin consists of thousands of pores, and it is necessary for the arrival of food and air for it, as it rids the skin of sweat and dirt, and these pores can sometimes be exposed to a width resulting from the accumulation of dirt and oils, and it expands inside, causing its width [1] and there are other factors that lead to their size, and there are ways to refine them.Reasons for the appearance of large poresThere are many reasons that cause the appearance of these pores, and these reasons are:Stress and fatigue that the skin is exposed to. [2]Genetic factors, there are those who inherit large pores from the family. [2]Age, with age, loses the skin, which leads to the appearance of large pores. [2]Constant exposure to the sun, because the sunlight is damaged by the collagen layers in the skin, which leads to the appearance of large pores. [3]The nature of the skin, as oily skin is one of the most exposed skin types to expand its pores, and the reason is the large number of oils it secrete

2 Reasons for the appearance of wide pores

s. [4]The lack of attention to cleaning the skin of oils and impurities appropriately leads to its accumulation in the skin, causing the appearance of these pores. [4]Carrying out cosmetics that are bothersome and unhealthy for the skin, as some foundation creams enlarge the pores. [4]Methods to shrink skin poresWide face pores can be reduced by the following solutions:Use an appropriate deep skin cleansing lotion twice a day, especially for people with oily skin, taking care to remove facial makeup with makeup remover before going to bed. [4]Keep the skin moist, using the appropriate moisturizer as it is, as choosing the wrong type can cause skin sensitivity. [4]Run an ice cube over the skin twice a day each time for five minutes, cold is the best thing to shrink the pores. [4]Regularly exfoliate the skin at least once a week to remove accumulated fat, dirt and cells, which work to fill the pores, causing pimples and grains to appear. [5]Using a toner suitable for the skin type, as it controls the oils that the skin secretes and limits, as it works to tighten the skin and shrink the pores, and natural rose water is the best. [5]Treat blackheads if present, while blackheads work to

3 ways to narrow the pores of the skin

show the skin with a bad appearance, and show them large pores, so they must be eliminated in every way possible even if they are forced to review the dermia. [5 ]]Avoid exposure to sunlight, as it reduces the elasticity of the skin, destroying collagen, which leads to cell damage and the emergence of what is known as large pores, and we recommend using a sunscreen with an appropriate protection factor, and that it is The components are suitable for the type of each skin, and it is best to wear a sunscreen from the sun. [4]Use natural masks to restrict pores such as:Cucumber mask: cucumber tightens the pores of the skin, also improves its quality, because it is considered a good nutrient for the skin, and an anti-aging sign, and its method of crushing four slices of cucumber, adding two tablespoons of The lemon juice, and then put the mixture on the face for fifteen minutes, and then the face is washed with cold water. [2]Honey mask: Honey contains anti-oxidants, which makes the skin always and healthy, because it has the effect of tightening and shrinking the pores of the skin, applying two tablespoons of original honey on the face, leaving it for fifteen minutes, Then wash the f

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ace with hot and cold water. [2]Olive oil mask: Olive oil contains vocal compounds that are antioxidants and infections, and make the skin beautiful, as the skin gets rid of all the problems that can be exposed to dryness, itching and large pores, massaging the face with a few drops of original olive oil, especially the area that contains large pores, with circular movements for a few minutes, then wash the face as usual. [2]Tomato mask: tomatoes work to shrink the pores of the skin and tighten it, and its method by choosing a ripe and sweet tomato, then crush it, and add a teaspoon of honey, after which the mixture is placed on the face For a quarter of an hour until it dries completely, then wash it well. [2]Apple cider vinegar mask: Apple cider vinegar contains the properties of the acidity of the skin, and it is considered a good cleaner for it, and an antibacterial and inflammatory that causes acne, because it has a role in shrinking large pores, And the way to use it by mixing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of water, and then wipe the face with it using cotton, but it should be noted that apple cider vinegar is normal, so it does not cause irritation to t

he skin, and then wash the face after only ten minutes. [2]Egg white mask: egg whites tighten the skin, narrow the large pores and its way by mixing an egg with a few drops of lemon juice and two tablespoons as usual. [2]Video on the face of the pores of the faceTo learn more about how to ivory the pores of the face, watch the video.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to narrow the face pores

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