How to open my skin tone

1 Natural recipes to lighten the skin

How to open my skin tone – ” Contents1 natural recipes to clear the skin2 natural recipes using oils3 other natural recipes4 referencesNatural recipes to lighten the skinObtaining a light skin color is an obsession for many people, especially women, and the mixtures and creams sold in pharmacies are varied and advertise themselves as having a magical effect to lighten the skin, and in fact the lighting of the The color of the skin must choose criminal and correct mixtures and has no side effects or irritating to the skin, because the skin is very sensitive and must be carefully taken care of, and it is best to choose natural recipes to lighten the skin, because it The harm is less. [1]Natural recipes using oilsOils have great benefits, including skin lightening, and these are mixtures that are used for this:[2]Natural oil mixture: Mix a quantity of fenugreek oil and a similar quantity of castor oil, mix together and keep them in a clean bottle and use the mixture every day in the morning and evening.Almond oil: Almond oil has great benefits for the skin, and it is used in creams and cosmetics related to the skin, and it can be used to brighten the skin when applied directly to the skin, which opens and impro

2 Natural recipes using oils

ves its color.Other natural recipesThere are many skin brightening masks that can be prepared at home, including:[3]Rose water mixture: the benefits of rose water for the skin are many, and not only include the lightning, so the rose water mixture is an incredible natural mixture for the skin, mix six teaspoons of rose water, with two tablespoons of starch, two cups of water and put the mixture on the fire stirring for some time a quarter of an hour, let the mixture cool, then apply it to the skin for a quarter of an hour, then wash the face with warm water and the difference will appear clear after several days.Yeast mixture: Mix four teaspoons of instant yeast, with two tablespoons of olive oil, with a cup of sugar and a cup of lemon juice, mix the ingredients well and apply it to the skin for a quarter of an hour with a massage, then Wash the face with warm water.Aloe Vera: Aloe vera makes the skin brighter and eliminates its pallor and color, by adding aloe vera oil to the daily bath water.Baking soda: baking soda is characterized by containing melanin, which is considered a natural whitening for the skin, but it is necessary to be careful when using it, and to use it only loca

3 other natural recipes

lly; because it can irritate the skin.Eggs: Egg whites are used to give the skin to glow, freshness and light color, applying directly to the skin; It contains nutrients that have a positive effect on the skin.Lemon: Lemon contains elements that purify the skin of impurities and dirt, and make it fresher and brighter, as it rids the skin of dead cells, mixing lemon juice with milk, almond oil and honey in equal ingredients, and chewing the face For a quarter of an hour, then wash it with cold water.Ligorice: licorice is used to lighten the complexion and improve its appearance in general.Potatoes: When applying potato slices on the skin, purify them from impurities, give them lightening and provide them with the necessary elements for their ants, by applying slices on the skin for half an hour or by applying potato juice on the skin.Turmeric: Turmeric improves the health of the skin and purifies it from impurities that cause discoloration.Yogurt: A mask that consists of yogurt and orange peels can be made and applied on the skin for fifteen minutes a day.Oats: A mask consisting of oatmeal, milk and tomatoes can be applied on the skin for fifteen minutes.Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain a

nti-oxidant elements, which work to replenish the skin cells, and they are very rich in vitamin C, which gives the skin to glow and freshness.Option: When you apply slices of cucumber on the skin, giving it a glow and freshness and increases the percentage of collagen.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to open my skin tone

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