How to paint nails

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How to paint nails – ” Contents1 Nail polish2 How to paint nails3 nail warningsNail polishNail polish is a cosmetic for women who can not be distributed, especially on occasion, so many of them resort to expensive beauty salons, knowing that it is possible to be painted properly at home, and at the lowest costs thanks to the use of good quality and high quality of it, and follow a correct way to avoid the fingers or nails, and in this article we will present you how to paint nailsHow to paint the nailsPrepare the work areaNail polish remover and coating damage any surface that falls on it; Such as: wood, clothing and plastic, for this, it is best to wear clothes that can be removed while taking care not to wear accessories, then sit on a table or desk, and protect it by placing a piece of butter paper on it while making sure not to use sheets of newspaper; Because it will leave paint stains.Removing nail polishRemove the old paint by dipping a piece of cotton in a small nail polish remover, then wipe off the old paint while making sure to clean all the corners and cracks.Cut and smooth nailsCut and tip the nails using the nail cooler, taking care to soften them thinly to avoid weakening and breaking th

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e nail, then wiggle the pivotal nails on the cooler to make nice curves and avoid the appearance of sharp edges.DipPut your nails in a large bowl that contains warm water added to a little soap, and leave it in the mixture for a few minutes, as it helps to get rid of dirt, dust and dead skin, and also makes the leather soaps flexible and soft.Skin AppendagesDry your nails from water, then apply a skin moisturizer to your hands and use a wooden tool called Stick Orange to push the skin surrounding the nails back while avoiding cutting these appendages; Because cutting it will cause infection and infections.Hand CreamMassage your hands with the hands of the hands, or gently soothe, and if you have dry skin, you can apply the soothing on the hands, but you must be sure to soak the nails with half an hour, then remove The moisturizer, or soothing to ensure the adhesion of nail polish.TonerPlace a layer of nail tonic, where it hides any protruding, or uneven places, as it prevents leaving paint spots on the hands.Nail warningsAvoid a lot of softening your nails, because you can weaken the nail or cause a hole in a part of it, which will cause a lot of pain and the risk of infections.Kee

3 nail warnings

p nail polish remover, nails and nail polish away from high temperatures, as it is quickly flammable.Avoid removing excess skin around the nail to avoid the risk of infection.Was the article useful?

How to paint nails

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