How to peel my skin at home

1 exfoliation of the skin

How to peel my skin at home – ” Contents1 skin exfoliation2 facial exfoliation3 body peeling4 Skin exfoliation with natural materialsexfoliationThe skin that is shedding dead cells that accumulate on its surface, which is a necessary process to maintain the health and beauty of the skin, and the best time to exfoliate the skin is in the morning because the skin regenerates during the sleep period, and the skin peeling can be used once or twice a week, and the types of granules should be chosen. Soft and avoid coarse and large types of granules so as not to harm the skin cells and make them irritated and sensitive.The peeling of the face is at homeLay the face with water and put the scrub on it, then replace it gently and circular motions and wash it with warm water.Mix the scrub with the facial cleanser and put it on the skin in the morning, then massage the skin with circular movements.We use a skin exfoliation towel because it gives excellent results in getting rid of dead skin cells.ExfoliationThe body can be peeled at home in an easy way and using natural materials:Comb the body with baby oil or olive oil.We use a dry brush to scrub the body and feet.We use an amount of salt or sugar to scrub the whole body

2 Facial exfoliation

starting with the feet, and massage the body with circular motions and preferring to use rough gloves for peeling.We wash the body with lukewarm water, use soap of soapy acid to wash the whole body and concentrate on the heels and knees.We dry the body well and put a special moisturizer on the body.We apply the elbows with Vaseline or any body moisturizer to exfoliate it, we precipitate it with nylon and leave it for eight hours.Peel the skin with natural materialsNatural materials from home can be used to exfoliate the skin and do not use chemicals that can harm the skin and cause irritation and redness.Skin peeling mask of slanderIngredientsTwo tablespoons of ground youth.Two tablespoons of coarse sugar.One tablespoon of lemon juice.Three tablespoons of olive oil.Two tablespoons of sweet almond oil.Two tablespoons of rose water.One tablespoon of oats.directions for useMix the ingredients until we obtain a homogeneous mixture.We wash the face and the nickname with warm water and soap and dry them well.We put the mask on the skin avoiding the area around the eye.We leave the mask on the skin for twenty minutes and rub the skin with circular movements to remove the mask, and hot wa

3 Body peeling

ter can be used to facilitate the removal of the mask if it is dry.We wash the skin with warm water and cleanse it of the effects of the mask, then wash it with cold water which helps close the pores.We put some aloe vera oil on the skin to moisturize it.We repeat the mask twice a week to have a soft, fresh and light skin.Was the article useful?

4 Exfoliation of the skin with natural materials

How to peel my skin at home

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