How to peel the knee

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How to peel the knee – ” Contents1 knees2 causes of cracking3 Method to peel the knees4 natural recipes to peel the kneesKneeKnees are considered one of the parts of the human body, a major detail of its numerous and strong joints, and the knees are exposed to many problems and pain, and its softness and moisture are considered one of the important things for women, and Many of them face the problem of peeling, blackness, lines and wounds in the knee area, and they resort to several of the ways to get rid of this problem, and in this example, we will talk about the reasons for knee stroke and exfoliation methods, and we will provide a number of natural recipes to exfoliate it.Reasons for cracked kneesClean the house by sitting on both knees, especially when cleaning the carpet.Simple blind daily accidents that leave simple injuries and scars on the knee area.Little moisture of the knee.Both knees rub with different types of cloth.Malnutrition that leads to dry skin, the most important of which is the sensitive knee area.How to peel the kneeUndergoing what is called periodic exfoliation, to get rid of the coarse texture and dead cells accumulated in this area, using a soft brush and a little water, making

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nice and quiet circular movements, and this method is best to follow for two in a week to get effective results.Using moisturizing and various creams in the knee area; Because the dryness of this area leads to its blacks and damage.Use natural masks, like honey mask and cocoa butter to soften both knees.Use the bathroom stone when showering.Use warm water to rinse the area.Lemon the area with lemon, as it works to lighten the black and get rid of dead and damaged cells.Drink plenty of water to moisturize the skin and estimate daily with two canapes, or the equivalent of eight cups.Make sure not to press the knees, especially during prayer, sitting or cleaning the house.Natural recipes to peel the kneesMix half a lemon with half a tablespoon of rose water and half a tablespoon of coarse salt and mix the ingredients together, put the result on both knees for almost half an hour and rub to get a wet and soft knee, and this recipe is preferred to get the required results.Mix half a tablespoon of sugar and half a tablespoon of coarse salt, half a lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil, put the resulting mixture on the knees for nearly forty minutes and rub well, and this recipe is preferr

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ed three times a week , to get a soft and smooth knee.Mix like a church of Kushir Salt with a quarter cup of suit oil, three tablespoons of lavender and three tablespoons of rosemary dried together, and peeling the whole body, face and neck with.Was the item helpful?

4 natural recipes for peeling the knees

How to peel the knee

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