How to prolong nails

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How to prolong nails – “Contents1 nails2 mixture guaranteed in their rapid effect on the extension of the following nails3 other mixtures4 referencesNailsNails are nothing more than a bone similar to their components, and their need for main nutrients rich in vitamins, proteins and important elements such as calcium to grow, intensify and increase hardness, and there are natural mixtures that help and stimulate their growth and interaction with food and their length increases with greater acceleration. [1]The mixtures are guaranteed in their rapid effect on the lengthening of the following nailsThere are many home mixtures that relate to the attention to the nails, including:[2]Mix tomatoes, salt and garlic: tomato is one of the tomato seeds and added to its juice crushed garlic to smooth the granules well crushed for three years, and mix with them a tablespoon of table salt, and the nails are soaked in the mixture For twenty minutes, and the process should be repeated daily for ten days, and you will get impressive results.Mixture of essential oils: mix two tablespoons of avakado oil with a few points not exceeding three lavender oils and the nails are applied for once a week, and for a period of three

2 Mixes guaranteed in their rapid effect on prolonging the nails the following

months, and this mixture is also incredible in the process of lengthening the nails.Garlic water mixture: wipe the nails more than once with garlic water before sleeping daily for six days, but this mixture is not liked before being used because of its permeable smell that is not desirable during sleep.Mixture of salt and lemon juice: mix two tablespoons of table salt with lemon juice, soak the nails in the mixture for ten minutes daily and persist for eight days.Other mixturesWe mix a tablespoon of natural honey with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and adding two tablespoons of rose water and half a tablespoon of glycerin, mix the mixture well and we heat it at a low temperature and a quiet fire until it thickens and put the nails in the mixture after it increases ten minutes and we repeat the process daily for five days, the same mixture can be used more than once after keeping it in a moderate place. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

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How to prolong nails

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