How to put fenugreek oil on the face

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How to put fenugreek oil on the face – ” Contents1 Fenugreek oil2 Video of fenugreek oil to test the faceFenugreek oilThe circuit has an excellent position and importance in alternative medicine, as the first centers occupy among the herbs used in various fields because of the nutritional value it enjoys, and it is like other herbs as the oil is extracted from them and that enter In multiple and varied areas, especially in the field of cosmetics and skin care, so we will examine this article to talk about its most important benefits and the best way to use it.Applying fenugreek oil on the faceFenugreek oil is used for the face by preparing a variety of sink depending on the nature of the skin, and one of the most important ways to use it is to mix two tablespoons of it with a tablespoon of rose water, a tablespoon of cream, And leave the mixture until it prepares for about half an hour to about an hour, then spread the mixture on the skin and massage it with circular motions for several minutes, leave it for an hour until the material and nutrients of the mask Absorb, then wash it with warm water, and with the recipe repeated daily and the desired result will appear.Prepare fenugreek oil at homeFenugreek oil can be prep

2 video of fenugreek oil to fattens the face

ared at home by boiling two cups of fenugreek with one cup of water in a small bowl and on low heat until half the amount of water evaporates, then put one cup of oil and let the mixture boil until the amount of the remaining water evaporates and only the ring remains, then leave the mixture until it cools completely, placed in a clean bottle for a full week before use, then it is used on the skin period before bedtime to get the best result.Benefits of Public Ring OilReduces bad cholesterol in the blood, increases the level of good cholesterol.Helps to treat skin infections.Treats cracks that appear on the skin due to dehydration and sun exposure.Helps get rid of the effects of burns on the skin.Moisturize the skin because it contains a high percentage of Leystin.Activate blood circulation in the skin tissue, which maintains its freshness and vitality.Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging because it is rich in natural antioxidants.Reducing skin toxins is an effective oil against infections.Fix the face and cheeks, as this oil is used as an auxiliary factor in this by constantly massaging the skin.Reduce dark spots and melasma.Fenugreek oil for fat massTo know more a

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How to put fenugreek oil on the face

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