How to put the nails

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How to put the nails – ” Contents1 manicure2 steps to place the nails3 French Nails Mode4 referencesReligiousNails fashion is not easy as everyone thinks, because the girl faces many problems during the situation of nails, including: unevenness of nail color on the nail compared to other nails, the exit of nails from the nail, The appearance of nails in a chemical in a fluid way, and its exfoliation quickly, so that nails of all kinds need a group of methods and steps when placed, so that the nails look elegant and beautiful. [1]Steps to fashionTo put the nails, you need to follow the following steps: [2]Choose high quality ways, to avoid some of the problems of the nails, and pay attention to the date of the nails, because premature infidels are that it will be sticky and difficult easily.Make sure that your nails are dry from water, before putting the cores and clean them well from the effects of previous nails, using the Aston, then regimen your nails by cooling them with the nail cooler, and make sure before placing the Nails that your nails do not carry any traces of hand cream.Use the base nickens, to form the political structure of the mascara, and this type of manicure offers protection to your n

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ails, and prevents nail coloring, and thus helps to spread it easily.Start from one end from top to bottom, when you put the nails on the nail, then the middle, then the second end.Install your hand on a flat thing, to ensure that they are not shaken, and so the nails come out of your nails, and when you put the cores, you need to help you between your fingers as much as possible, and you can put A shiny layer of milestones, and it should be noted that the status of the shiny layer is after the original nails dry.Let your nails dry permanently, and if a nail is removed, you need to remove the nails completely, and then put the nails on.Move away from high heat sources and strong air also immediately after placing the nails.Use rubber gloves when doing work at home, to prevent your model from shock.French manicure statusBefore placing the nails, you must follow the following tips to fall the sick results:[3]Clean your nails well from previous nails, as well as in greasy materials as they function to peel the nails and get rid of appendages associated with your nails through its cold, with the dedicated nail coolant.Determine an arc or line on the tip of your nail using the ear clean

3 French nails mode

ing stick or with a Nicker brush.Put the white color on the tip of your nails and fill it with the piece you are defining, and wait for it to dry permanently, then put a layer of nails with a transparent color or a very light color.Apply a layer of nails installed and shiny, after the transparent layer is dry permanently, because this step is the most important step for the position of French nails.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to put the nails

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