How to recover my skin is its natural color

1 Change skin color

How to recover my skin is its natural color – “Contents1 Changing skin color2 How to restore skin color and health3 Medical treatments to improve skin tone4 natural skin masks5 referencesChanging skin colorSkin color changes due to many factors such as sun exposure, aging and hormonal changes, and these changes are problems such as: redness, acne effects, sun damage and pigmentation, and we will mention in this article the methods that restore the skin their natural color. [1]How to restore the skin in its colorThe health and color of the skin can be improved quickly by following certain skin care methods, including: [2]Drinking water: As water moisturizes the skin and makes it full and soft, and reduces the appearance of acne by reducing the concentration of fat in the skin.Skin exfoliation: As it opens the skin, filters it, restores it, stimulates cell turnover and opens clogged pores. The leather doctor can be consulted on the appropriate scrub for the skin type and the number of weekly peeling times; Since each type of skin type has a different reaction to peeling skin, sensitive skin does not suit it much, unlike oily skin which often requires exfoliation.Healthy diet: healthy foods are essential in skin care and natural

2 How to restore skin color and health

performance, reducing the consumption of diabetes that leads to hardening and aging of collagen, and consumption of many fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.Drink green tea: green tea contains antioxidant polyphenols, which fight against oxidative freedom caused by free radicals, in addition to containing anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness and irritation in the skin.Remove make-up before bedtime: it causes a paleness to the skin, blocks the pores of the skin and causes infections.Get enough sleep: sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night regenerates and repairs the skin, and thus restores the natural freshness of the skin.Change the pillow cover: silk pillow cover reduces the process of rubbing the skin as in cotton covers.Use a gentle skin cleanser: use mild detergents that contain glycerin and ceramide. One of the best detergents for the skin; because it is not stripped of natural fats and adds moisture to the skin and anti-inflammatory and relieves redness.Wash hands: Hands should be washed before washing the face to avoid moving bacteria to the face, so the tlemcen is many pollutants throughout the day, and a clean piece of cloth can be used to

3 Medical treatments to improve skin tone

clean the face or cleaning brush for the face.Use a moisturizer: Moisturizing the skin is essential to maintain the health of the skin and its youthful and soft appearance, and its low moisture leads to dryness and pallor of the skin.Use of sunscreen: Sunscreen should be applied before exposure to sunlight and reapplied every two hours to protect the skin from skin-damaging ultraviolet light.Medical treatments to improve skin toneThere are many medical options that can restore normal skin color, but care should be taken to consult a leather doctor before being followed, including:[1]Kojic acid: It contains strong antioxidant properties and is used as a treatment for skin lighting.Chemical peeling: There are various chemical peeling options, including what can be done at home using glycolic acid which treats acne, scars, spots and wrinkles by exfoliating the surface layer of the skin and detecting new healthy skin underneath it, and salicylic acid , which is considered a slightly lighter treatment, can be used glycolic acid, but it treats acne and removes the surface layer of the skin to remove damaged skin cells, scars and skin color change, taking into account that these exfoliati

4 natural masks for the skin

on treatments are not suitable for sensitive skin.Hydroquinone, where the dark spots open up and open the complexion.Laser therapy: The laser improves the complexion and opens scars and spots, but it is preferable to use other methods first because it can cause hyperpigmentation and change in skin color.The clinical resistance is destroyed because there are three levels of this treatment, which is the surface that can be done quickly and use mild acids, the medium level that requires sedatives and painkillers, the deep level that requires anesthesia and a recovery period up to two weeks.Microdermabrasion, as this medical method can treat scars and sun damage and change the color of the skin by increasing the thickness of collagen and removing the surface layer of the skin.Natural masks for the skinNatural masks are important things in the skin care routine, including:[3]Milk, lemon and honey maskLemon juice contains vitamin C, which has flash properties, as it reduces the production of both stable skin, and its method is:ingredients:1 tablespoon of milk.One teaspoon of honey.One tablespoon of lemon to prepare:Mix the ingredients and put the mixture on the clean face.Leave

the mixture on the face for 20 minutes.Rinse the face with lukewarm water.Put on the mask day after day before going to bed.Note: When you feel a burn because of the mask, it should be washed off immediately and rubbed the skin with snowCedar and milk maskRice water and rice flour are natural ingredients that open the skin and fight with aging and smoothing, and milk calms and nourishes the skin, and its method is:ingredients:Half a cup of uncooked rice.4-3 tablespoons of milk (it can be replaced with water or rose water in case of sensitivity to milk).how to prepare:Grind rice to obtain rice flour (soft powder).Mix the rice flour with milk to create a paste.Put the paste on the skin and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.Wash the skin with lukewarm water.Put on the mask 2-3 times a week.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to recover my skin is its natural color

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