How to relieve body hair

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How to relieve body hair – ” Contents1 Reducing body hair2 How to relieve body hair3 Natural recipes to relieve body hair4 factors affecting the appearance of body hair5 referencesReducing body hairGetting rid of body hair has become a modern community and one of its most important difficulties, as people and women are looking for solutions to the problem of unwanted hair in certain areas of the body. The methods of removing and its financial costs have multiplied. Although there is no magic solution that stops the growth of hair in the body, there are many ways to reduce it, leaving the skin, beautifully free of hair. The article will mention the most important natural methods and recipes that help eliminate unwanted hair. [1]How to relieve body hairThere are many ways that can be followed to relieve body hair, including:[1]Shaving: Rubber is considered one of the most useful methods to remove body hair, which is an easy and quick way and does not cause pain. Despite this, it does not prevent the growth and appearance of hair, and its growth will begin mainly after a week of shaving, and some hair may appear after a day or two.Waxing: Waxing removes all the hair in one batch by pulling it out with a strong

2 How to relieve body hair

adhesive. Waxing is used to remove hair on the chest, arms, feet, as well as underarms, but it is not recommended to use it for sensitive areas as it can lead to injury, irritation or discomfort. And the wax after each use of the hair becomes lighter before, so the presence of hair in the body can disappear after several uses of wax. One of the disadvantages of wax is that it temporarily causes pain and does not prevent the appearance of hair for a long time, and wax can also cause some irritation and redness in the body, which can last for many hours. It is recommended to look for sugar wax or beeswax for people with sensitive skin.Hair removal: these machines contain several tweezers that remove the hair outside the body, cause pain and take time compared to shaving, and the hair in it takes two weeks again because they pull it from its follicles and roots. One of the negative aspects of this way is that it can cause hair growth in the skin; therefore, it is recommended to use hair relief creams after using them.Hair removal creams: hair removal creams are similar to the shaving method, as they do not last long, but they take longer compared to shaving. These creams are placed on

3 Natural recipes to relieve body hair

the area for a specific period of time, dissolve the hair, and then scrape it off. The creams do not cause any pain, and it can take up to two weeks before new hair begins to appear.Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal is a very effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, and what distinguishes its permanent treatment of this problem, it reduces the growth of hair in acceptance. Despite the effectiveness of this method, it needs a lot of time and financial costs.Natural recipes to relieve body hairThere are many natural recipes that can relieve unwanted body hair, including:Lemon with sugarThis recipe exfoliates the body and opens up its color, and also helps to alleviate the hair. The method is:[2]ingredients:Find a large spoon of sugar.Ten tablespoons of water.Two teaspoons of lemon to prepare:Mix the sugar with water in a small bowl until it is completely dissolved.The lemon juice is placed in a sugar solution and mixed well with it.The mixture is placed on the area to remove the hair growth and left for 15-20 minutes.The area is washed with water with a gentle rubbing.This recipe is repeated two or three times a week.Note: This recipe is not recommended for sensitiv

4 factors affecting the appearance of body hair

e areas.Egg MaskEggs are a sticky substance like sugar and lemon, and when placed on the body and dried completely, it sticks to the skin, and when he tries to remove them, it removes the hair from the body. The method is:[2]ingredients:Half a tablespoon of cornmeal.One egg.One tablespoon of to prepare:The egg is broken, the white is taken and placed in a small bowl.Add the remaining ingredients to the egg whites and mix well with each other until a soft dough forms.The dough is placed on the area to be removed and left for 20-25 minutes until it dries.The paste is peeled off heavily until the hair is removed after it dries completely.This recipe is repeated two or three times a week.Factors affecting the appearance of body hairThere are many factors that lead to the appearance of unwanted body hair, including:[3]Androgen: Androgens such as androgen hormone stimulates hair growth in the body.Genetics: Studies have shown that genes are determined when hair appears in the body and where it appears, as it determines the extent of sensitivity of the body to substances and factors that stimulate hair growth.Adrenal diseases: The adrenal gland produces the hormonal androgens, w

hich causes an increase in the amount of body hair for men and women, so some diseases that affected it cause an imbalance in the production of this hormone and the growth of hair in the body increases.Diseases that affect the ovary: the ovary plays an important role in maintaining the balance of hormones in the body, and for this reason, the diseases that affect them can cause increased growth of hair in the body. One of the most causes that leads to increased hair growth.Steroid drugs insert the artificial treasures of steroids into the body, which leads to an imbalance in the level of natural hormones, including the androgenic hormone that causes an increase in the growth of unwanted hair.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to relieve body hair

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