How to remove black from under the eyes

1 black under the eyes

How to remove black from under the eyes – “Contents1 black under the eyes2 recipes to eliminate blackness under the eyesThe black is under the eyesA large number of people suffer from the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, which reduces the beauty and attractiveness of the face, as it shows in a state of fatigue and tiredness, so the auras cover a small area under the eyes, And their color tends to black and the color of this area is darker than the face, and there are many reasons leading to the emergence of this problem, including: standing for long periods, sitting in front of the television and computer screens, lack of lack of drinking water, wearing sunglasses for a long time and have problems in the functions and organs of the body, so you need to know the real reason to be able to find the appropriate treatment, and in this article, we will mention some natural remedies that contribute To eliminate the blackness under the eyes, which are characterized by their bidonvilles and its low cost, in addition to their effective results.Recipes to eliminate the blackness under the eyestomatoesMix a teaspoon of tomato juice, with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, and then apply the resulting mixture under the eyes, le

2 Recipes to remove blackness under the eyes

ave it for ten minutes, and then wash the face well with water.This treatment should be repeated twice a week.PotatoesSprinkle a potato fruit to extract the juice, then apply the resulting juice to the area under the eyes with the help of a piece of absorbent cotton, leave for only ten minutes, then wash the face with cold water and repeat this recipe on a daily basis.Tea bagsGreen tea bags or chamomile bags are soaked in water, then placed in the refrigerator until they are a little cool, and the cold tea bags are placed on the eyes to cover the dark area, leave for several minutes, and this treatment is repeated daily to Get the desired result.Cold milkMelt a tablespoon of powdered milk in an appropriate amount of water, put it for a short time in the refrigerator to cool, then take a piece of clean cotton and dip it in the cold milk solution, put it on the area of the dark circles area so that it covers it completely, and leave it for several minutes and wash the face with normal water.LemonadeMix a little fresh lemon juice with a small amount of glycerin well mixed, then apply the mixture on dark circles, leave for five to ten minutes and wash the face with water.Mix starch and

honeyMix a teaspoon of starch powder, half a teaspoon of sesame oil, half a teaspoon of olive oil and half a teaspoon of natural honey, mix well and the mixture is placed on the area under the eyes without touching the eyelids and leave It for half an hour, then wash it. The face with warm water, and this recipe should be repeated twice a week until the dark circles are finally gone.Was the article useful?

How to remove black from under the eyes

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