How to remove black joints

1 Black hands joints

How to remove black joints – “Contents1 black hand joints2 home remedies for places on the joints of the hands3 tips for the beauty of the hands4 causes of spots on the joints of the hands5 referencesBlack hands jointsWe use our hands most of the time, but we do not focus on taking care of them, and as far as skin care is concerned, we only focus on the skin on the face, but it is necessary to take care of this part of the body, so that the skin does not damage it, and the skin on our hands also needs care and attention, and several factors surround us skin damage and cause dark spots, and we will mention them in this article.Home remedies for spots on the joints of the handsSunlight is the most important reasons for the problem of excessive pigmentation on the hands, as it causes ease in the production of melanin, and there are treatments that can be applied to solve this problem, and these recipes are the following:Castor oil recipeCastor oil cleanses the pores and contains anti-oxidants that are suitable for damage caused by free radicals, as it renews the skin and removes the spots that appear on the hands, and its method is:Ingredients: A few drops of castor oil.How to prepare:We wash the hands with soap

2 home remedies for spots on the joints of the hands

and water.We dry the hands and put castor oil on the affected skin.We massage the oil until it is absorbed.Leave the oil on overnight.We repeat the recipe daily before going to bed.Lemon juice recipeLemon juice contains whitening properties to lighten stains and remove skin, because lemon juice contains acids responsible for the property lighting, and its method is:Ingredients: a lemon.How to prepare:Cut the fresh lemon and squeeze it.We put it directly on the skin.Leave it for ten minutes to fifteen minutes.We wash it with water.We repeat the recipe once or twice a day.Sandalwood, lemon and glycerin recipeSandalwood is used to lighten dark spots on the hands, while glycerin is soft and softens the skin, and its method is:ingredients:One teaspoon of sandalwood.Half a teaspoon of lemon juice.Three to four drops of to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.We obtain a soft paste.We apply the recipe on the affected area.Let it dry for ten to fifteen minutes.We wash it with water.We repeat the recipe once a day.The recipe of flour and turmericThe flour is a great exfoliation of the skin and removes dark spots, so that the skin becomes more shiny, beautiful and its method is:

3 tips for the beauty of hands

ingredients:Two teaspoons of flour.Spriproulade of turmeric.Rose water or milk.How to prepare:Add the turmeric to the flour.Add the rose water to obtain a soft paste.We put it on the hands for fifteen minutes.We let it dry.We wash it with water.We apply the moisturizer.We repeat the recipe every day until the stains disappear.Yogurt, rose water and glycerin recipeYogurt contains lactic acid that helps to brighten the skin, as it removes the top layer of dead skin cells, to relieve dry skin, and the proteins and vitamins in milk keep the skin soft, shiny and its method is:[1]ingredients:Equal amounts of yogurt and rose water.One teaspoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Mark the hands and legs with the mixture.We leave it overnight.We wash it in the morning with cold water.We repeat the recipe daily before going to bed.Cucumber recipeCucumber contains vitamin A, which helps to improve the color of the skin by controlling the production of melanin and maintains a moist skin, and its method is: [1]Ingredients: Fresh option.How to prepare:We put slices of cucumber on dark skin places.Leave it for five minutes.We wait fifteen minutes until the skin absorbs the cucumbe

4 causes of stains on the joints of the hands

r juice.We wash the area with water.We repeat the recipe two or three times a day.Turmeric and cold milk recipeTurmeric contains strong antioxidants that reduce the production of melanin in the skin, eliminate the color, maintain the color of the skin and its method is:[1]ingredients:Two teaspoons of turmeric powder.Cold to prepare:Mix turmeric with an appropriate amount of cold milk.We obtain a soft paste.We put the paste on the dark areas.Leave it for twenty minutes.We wash the area with warm water.We repeat the recipe twice a day.Recipe of papaya, honey and lemon juicePapaya contains an enzyme called two chapters, as it improves skin growth, encourages skin regeneration and contains vitamins E, AC and its method are:[1]ingredients:Half a papaya.One teaspoon of lemon juice.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well in the blender.We obtain a soft paste.We put it on the hands and legs.Leave it for twenty to thirty minutes.We wash the skin.We repeat the recipe twice, or three times a week.Tips for the beauty of the handsThe hands must be whispered, care and relaxation, and these are some tips to get beautiful and soft hands: [2]Hands moisturizers: we use

a moisturizer three times a day after washing our hands, and we are eager to choose a non-oily moisturizer in the summer, and in the winter, we choose a heavier moisturizer, because the skin is exposed to dehydration more in the winter.Hand Eparling: We use a hand peel to remove dead skin, and a home scrub can be made by applying a teaspoon of sugar with olive oil.Hand protection: We use rubber gloves when we do a daily house, such as dishwashing and gardening, because we use chemicals that interact with the hands.Hand washing: We wash our hands with lukewarm water throughout the year, because very hot or cold water damages the skin.Causes of stains on the joints of the handsThere are many reasons for stains on the joints, namely:Pollution.Burns.Iron deficiency.B12 deficiency.UV.Stains during pregnancy due to melasma.Muhais in bathroom and body products.Smallpox diseases such as chickenpox.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to remove black joints

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