How to remove black pills from the face

1 Medical methods for removing black pills from the face

How to remove black pills from the face – ” Contents1 medical methods to remove black pills from the face2 natural ways to remove black pills3 referencesMedical methods to eliminate black pills from the faceTreatment to stop the excessive secretion of oils from the sebaceous glands must be obtained, and some drugs on the market can be purchased without a prescription, and if it is necessary to resort to the doctor to take a stronger type of medication, including:[1]Topical treatments: topical medications are placed on the skin, to stop the secretion of oils and eliminate the black pills, and some of them come:Azilic acid.Perooxide Benzwell.Glycolic acid.Willow acid.Rantinoid.Sulfur.Oral treatments: Oral medication treatments can be used after taking a medical prescription and ensuring their suitability for the disease, including:Antibiotics.Birth control pills.Isotretinoin (Akotani).Albcton, sarsenolactone: This is an anti-androgenic drug, used in some cases with oral contraceptives, to control the percentage of excessive oil.Surgical treatments: surgery can be resorted to if topical treatments and oral medications, such as the use of blades and needles, can be resorted to the elimination of these black pills, and one of t

2 Natural ways to remove black pills

he following methods can be used:Scrub to remove the surface layer, using small crystals on the skin, English or diamond sticks, to remove the top surface layer, which opens and removes black pimples and scars.Cool therapy: by placing liquid nitrogen, by the therapist, which leads to the freezing and removal of black pimples.Natural methods to eliminate black pillsSome natural ways to get rid of black pills are used, including:Honey, lemon and egg whitesThe mask of honey, lemon juice and egg whites eliminates blackheads from the nose and skin, because honey contains antibacterial properties, kills germs that cause grains and lemon juice opens the skin, while egg whites condense the mixture and the way To prepare the mask is:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of honey.One egg white.One teaspoon of lemon juice.Two drops of essential oil (lavender, candula).How to prepare:The ingredients are mixed together; To obtain a thick mixture.Heat the mixture in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds.The hot mixture is placed on the skin with emphasis on the black pills.A cotton strip is placed over the mixture applied to the skin.The mask is left on the skin for 20 minutes until it dries.The tape is remov

ed carefully.The skin of the face is washed with cold water well.Lemon, mint and gelatinLemon opens the skin and tightens it, while mint calms the skin, purifies it with its antibacterial properties, removes dead skin, while gelatin, it is a natural protein rich in collagen and polymer, and the method of this mask is: [3 ]ingredients:A quantity of mint leaves.1 tablespoon of gelatin.One tablespoon of lemon juice.the way to prepare:Peppermint leaves are boiled in a little water and cooled, or they are processed to extract their juice.A cup of water is placed in the microwave for 15 seconds, in dirt.Add the gelatin powder to the hot water and mix well.Add lemon juice and mint juice or boiled leaves to gelatin.Mix the mixture together; for a homogeneous mixture.The mixture is placed on the face.Just until it dries, then it is always careful.Wash the face with cold water.Repeat the method once a week.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to remove black pills from the face

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