How to remove blackheads very quickly

1 Use salicylic acid

How to remove blackheads very quickly – ” Contents1 Use salicylic acid2 Use hydrogen peroxide3 Clay mask4 referencesUsing salicylic acidSalicylic acid is one of the substances that help eliminate blackheads and whiteheads; Because this depends on the removal of excess oils, dead skin cells causing skin pores and blackheads, and it is recommended to use it instead of products that contain pyroxide, and look for detergents that contain OTC, which contains salicylic acid, and follow a daily Routine in the morning and evening with a detergent that contains therefore, if the skin is sensitive, it can be used day after day, and you will notice an excellent result later, but if the skin is negatively affected, it must be stopped directly. [1]Use hydrogen peroxideHydrogen peroxide treatment helps to remove blackheads, and the way it is used is very easy, through the following steps: [2]Wash the face with a mild cleanser; To remove excess oils and bacteria, impurities from the skin, wash it with water, and then dry them.Peel areas affected by blackheads, using a natural scrub, such as sugar and water paste; To remove oxidized blackheads, then rinse the skin.Sexting a cotton ball with 3% hydrogen peroxide, then the applicable is g

2 Use hydrogen peroxide

ently on the blackheads, and it should be avoided from its contact with the eyebrows and hair; Because they can bleach their color.Moisturize the skin with jojoba oil, avocado oil or olive oil, to keep it moist, softening and protecting.Note: The peroxide can be used in the treatment of blackhead scars, applying the previous steps, but relieving the pyroxide with water, placed on the affected areas, left overnight and then washed in the morning.Mask with clayThere are many clay masks that contribute to the treatment of blackheads, including the clay of Pentonite, as it is a remover of toxins with strong effective effectiveness, and it is characterized by being rich in minerals, whose work principle depends on reducing the production of sebum in the skin, and eliminating dead skin cells, bacteria and opening the closed pores, as it is like a magnet that removes all the impurities that contribute to the emergence of acne, and a moderate natural exfoliation by using it weekly and gives incredible results in getting a clear skin. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 clay mask

How to remove blackheads very quickly

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