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How to remove blackheads – ” Content1 blackheads2 ways to eliminate blackheads3 reasons for the appearance of blackheads4 referencesblackheadsThese are small bumps, which appear on the skin as a result of the blockage of hair follicles, and these protrusions are called blackheads; Because its color appears dark or black, because it is a moderate type of acne that usually forms on the face, but it can also appear on different parts of the body, such as: chest, neck, shoulders. [1]Ways to remove blackheadsegg whitesEgg whites shrink the pores of the face, which helps to remove blackheads and reduces the chances of blackheads in the future. The method is:[2]ingredients:Egg white.A quantity of toilet paper.Clean to prepare:The injured area is washed, then a layer of egg white is placed on the affected area.Place another thin layer, then gently press on the injured area.Allow some time to dry.This method is repeated three times.Leave the mask for some time to dry.Gently wash the face; to ensure that all sediment is removed properly.Note: Five layers can be done, but you must make sure that each layer of layers is dry enough before applying the next layer.Cinnamon and HoneyCinnamon and honey mixture is a

2 ways to remove blackheads

great blackhead mixture. Where honey has anti-bacterial properties, while cinnamon is considered good for improving blood circulation, and they are used to clear acne, make the skin soft, healthy and method as follows: [2]ingredients:One teaspoon of cinnamon powder.One teaspoon of honey.Cotton Pieces.How to prepare:These ingredients are mixed together to make a paste.A thin layer of paste is placed on the affected area.Cotton is placed on the mixture.Leave for 3 to 5 minutes, then wash the face with water.Note: It is recommended to use a moisturizer after washing the face.LemonadeLemon juice is a natural astringent, because it reduces the pores of the skin that causes pimples; Because clogged and open pores interact with oxygen, and the way as follows: [2]ingredients:A lemon seed.A piece of to prepare:It cleanses the face.The lemon is squeezed and held in a small bottle.The cotton piece is soaked in the lemon, then placed on the affected area before going to bed.The face is washed with water in the morning, then a moisturizer is placed on it.The excess lemon juice is kept in the refrigerator for up to a week.Note: lemon juice makes the skin sensitive to the sun, so it s

3 Reasons for the appearance of blackheads

hould be protected from sunlight by applying protection.ClayClay helps to absorb impurities from the face, clean the pores and is considered an antibacterial nature, and the method as follows: [3]ingredients:1 tablespoon of clay.A quantity of water.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients to form a paste.The mixture is placed on the affected area to remove blackheads.Let the mixture dry for a few minutes.The area with lukewarm water is rinsed.It is repeated to use this recipe once, or twice a week.Note: it is recommended to replace the water with milk if the skin is sensitive or dry.Charcoal and clayCharcoal helps to absorb impurities, quickly removes blackheads, and clay promotes its ability to absorb impurities, which is suitable for oily skin, skin exposed to young love and method as follows: [3]ingredients:Two capsules of charcoal.Half a teaspoon of clay.A quantity of to prepare:The charcoal is extracted from the capsules and added to the clay, then mixed well.Add enough water; to obtain a paste.The mixture is placed on the face and left to dry.Wash the face with lukewarm water, then moisturize.It is repeated to use this recipe twice a week.Green teaGreen tea is rich in ant

ioxidants, and it also helps to quickly absorb impurities, blackheads and path as follows: [3]ingredients:One teaspoon of green tea leaves.One amount of to prepare:Mix the tea leaves with water; To form a paste.The paste is placed on the affected area.Leave the paste for 15 to 20 minutes.The affected area is washed with warm water and left to dry, then moisturize.It is repeated to use this recipe once a week.the strawberryStrawberries help to remove blackheads, reduce swelling and clean pores, in addition to being a natural exfoliation of the skin, because they are also rich in vitamin C, which treats dry skin, moisturizes it and method as follows: [3]ingredients:One strawberry.Half a teaspoon of honey.Half a teaspoon of lemon to prepare:Strawberries are crushed, add honey and lemon juice.Mix the ingredients well to a rough paste.The paste is placed on the skin and left for 15 to 20 minutes.The affected area is washed with cold water.It is repeated to use this recipe once a few days.Oats, yogurt, olive oil and lemon juiceThe mixture of oats and yogurt is a definite yogurt that helps to get rid of blackheads by getting rid of dead skin cells, and oats is excellen

t, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties, and yogurt and olive oil nourish the skin with essential foods And maintaining a healthy, bright, and from it, it should be noted that lemon juice kills all existing bacteria, and also reduces spots, and the way as follows: [3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of oatmeal.Two tablespoons of yogurtOne tablespoon of lemon juice.1 tablespoon of olive oil.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to form a paste.The mixture is placed on the affected area.Leave the mixture on for 10 to 15 minutes.The affected area is washed with cold water.It is repeated to use this recipe once every two to three days.Coconut oilCoconut oil is rid of blackheads; It contains lauric acid, which is an antimicrobial factor, in addition to nourishing the skin, relieves the skin of dead skin cells quickly and easily, and the method is as follows:[3]A few drops of coconut oil are placed on the affected area, and it is widely massaged.Leave for some time until it is naturally absorbed by the skin.It is repeated to use this recipe daily before going to bed.The reasons for the emergence of blackheadsThere are many reasons for the appearance of blackheads. Including:[2]T

he nature of oily skin, as it causes the appearance of blackheads, so it is advisable to wash the face five to six times a day to reduce the production of oils.Press on the hair follicles.The accumulation of bacteria on the skin.Hormonal changes during adolescence, pregnancy and menstruation.Take medications such as: corticosteroids, androgens or birth control pills.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to remove blackheads

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