How to remove blackness around the mouth

1 black around the mouth

How to remove blackness around the mouth – “Contents1 black around the mouth2 causes black around the mouth3 ways to remove black around the mouth4 referencesBlack around the mouthBlack around the mouth are great skin problems, especially in women, often negatively affect their beauty and distinctive appearance, because it is an obstacle to their access to an even skin, and it is important to know that this blackness arises from a set of reasons that must be resolved quickly. [1]Black causes on the mouthThere are several reasons for blacks around the mouth, including: [2]Structural eczemia disease, which is an allergic disease, and its symptoms are the appearance of pigmentation around the eyes and mouth, and it is necessary to treat it medically.The remains of the toothpaste survive around the mouth to dry, because the toothpaste contains many substances that lead to a change in the color of the skin surrounding the mouth.Treat inflammation and tingling around the mouth with cortisone, and this inflammation is caused by the hydration of the lips with saliva, in which case it is necessary to stop using it and replace it with lip hydration.The nature of the skin color, dark skin is easily pigmented and neglects its coverage

2 black causes around the mouth

with the sunset which exacerbates this problem.Eat more acidic foods, suffering from certain problems, such as infections, digestive problems and dry skin.Methods to eliminate blackness around the mouthOne of the ways to treat blackness around the mouth:[3]Mixture and starch: mix two tablespoons of milk and starch and half a teaspoon of lemon juice, with a tablespoon of honey, and then apply it to the skin for fifteen minutes, and then clean it well with warm water.Mixture of glycerin: Mix a tablespoon of glycerin with two drops of lemon juice, and apply around the mouth before going to bed, and leave during the night, and in the morning you must wash around the mouth in a way, this method is repeated daily until you reach a uniform skin.Orange juice mixture: This mixture is prepared by mixing grated lemon peel with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, orange juice and lemon juice, applied with the mixture to the area around the mouth, leave for five minutes, and then cleanse with warm water.Oatmeal toner: This mixture is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice and oatmeal, with an orange rind, put the mixture on the black area for five minutes, then rinse the area with warm wa

3 Ways to remove black around the mouth

ter.Peach mixture: Put an electric blender, a strawberry fruit and three apricot fruit, a peach fruit, taking care to remove their seeds, two tablespoons of water and a spoon of skin cream compatible with its nature and the black area is applied with the mixture, and left ten minutes on it before cleaning it with warm water, and what this method differs from the others, because it gives its results from the first use.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to remove blackness around the mouth

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