How to remove blackness under the eye

1 How to remove blackness under the eye

How to remove blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 How to eliminate darkness under the eye2 Causes of darkness under the eye3 How to eliminate darkness under the eyesHow to remove darkness under the eyeBeautiful eyes often show the beauty and attractiveness of the face, unlike tired eyes that show the face with a faded and tired appearance, and eye problems that lose its beauty: it has redness or bloating, or the appearance of darkness around it with what is known as dark circles. In this article, we will show the causes of blackness under the eye and ways to remove and get rid of it.Causes of dark under eyeHealth problems: One of the symptoms of allergies or a kidney infection is the appearance of darkness under the eyes.Menstrual period: Some women are black in the lower eyes when the menstrual period is approaching, and you just have to use natural diuretics such as green tea, as well as the consumption of salty foods and carbohydrates.Heirs: The cause of darkening may be, in which case, use foundation or concealer to hide it, or get rid of it permanently by laser.Vascular expansion: get rid of dark circles if the cause of blood vessels by sleeping on two pads or a high pillow, then put the morning compresses on your

2 Causes of blackness under the eye

eyes for five minutes, it works in turn to contract these vessels.Nasal congestion: which strives to develop and congestion of blood vessels.Fatigue, stress and lack of sleep: this is one of the most famous reasons for the appearance of dark circles. Make sure you get enough sleep daily, that is, 7 to 8 hours without cutting.Smoking and drinking alcohol.Iron or anemia: An iron deficiency is harmful to the health and vitality of the skin.Sunlight: A lot of sun exposure negatively affects the health of the skin, especially the skin under the eyes due to its sensitivity, so make sure to use sunscreen when you leave the house.Computer screens: To avoid damage, make your computer screen a little less than eye level, at least 30 centimeters, with the use of screen purification filter and eye relief while using the computer from time to time.The adrenal gland: imbalance in this gland causes the appearance of dark circles, so be sure to drink enough water and avoid eating foods containing large amounts of sugar and caffeine.Al -ain’s story: avoid rubbing your eyes and to my eyes to relieve them with cold compresses.Age.How to eliminate the darkness under the eyesNatural recipesThe cucumbe

3 How to remove blackness under the eyes

r compresses that have added points of lemon juice.Grease the auras with a mixture of a teaspoon of almond oil with a quarter teaspoon of mint juice.Compress rose water, so that wet a cotton circle or handkerchief with rose water, and put them on dark circles.Mix a teaspoon of yeast with a teaspoon of starch and half a tablespoon of a mixture of olive oil, sesame oil and half a tablespoon of honey, put it on the dark area and be careful not to get into your eyes.Grease the black with a mixture of a teaspoon of honey with a little starch.Laser and laser sessionsTreatment method: simple scaling materials and whitening and moisturizing elements are inserted into the depth of the skin with the help of electric massage, which in turn stimulates blood circulation.Number of sessions needed: the average is two sessions, with an average of one session per week, but some patients need more than two sessions, depending on the darkness under the eye.The extent of its effectiveness: it is a successful treatment and its positive results are confirmed by lightening the darkness under the eye, provided that a skin moisturizer is constantly used to prevent the appearance of darkness under the eye.

The laser has no side effects.Whitening creamsVitamin K creams and use them for a period of at least three months.Creams rich in vitamin E.Was the article useful?

How to remove blackness under the eye

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