How to remove dark circles

1 Rose water recipe and almond oil

How to remove dark circles – ” Contents1 recipe for rose water and almond oil2 recipes for potatoes3 tomato recipes4 referencesRosewater and almond oil recipeOne of the ways to eliminate dark circles is to use rose water with its components that reduce the areas of draw and almond oil with its vitamins such as vitamin K, which can help treat blood clotting and moisturizing the skin and helps treat bloating and dark circles under the eyes effectively and can be used through the following steps: [1]IngredientsA few drops of almond oil.A few drops of rose water.A small cup.Two cotton to prepareThe ingredients are mixed well after putting them in the small cup, then the cotton balls are immersed with the resulting mixture and placed on the eyes in a way that covers the dark circles, then leave for a period ranging between 30 and 40 minutes, and After this period, the face is washed with pure water, and the process is repeated for several days to get the best result.Recipe for potatoesOne of the natural ways to get rid of dark circles is the use of potato recipe, and it is through the skin of potato slices and their distribution to the affected areas around the eyes in the dark circles, where the potatoes

2 potato recipe

contain their components an enzyme that goes into the manufacture of cosmetics that help to brighten the skin and eliminate the dark circles. [2]TomatoOne of the natural methods that helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes is the tomato recipe, because the fruits of tomatoes naturally contain natural ingredients that help to whiten the skin, which can help to get rid of dark circles, When a teaspoon of tomato juice can be mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice, then the mixture is placed on the eyes with the help of a circular cotton and left for a period of ten minutes, then the skin is washed with water, and this process is repeated Twice a day for a few weeks to get the best results. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 tomato recipe

How to remove dark circles

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