How to remove dead skin around nails

1 dead skin around nails

How to remove dead skin around nails – “Contents1 dead skin around the nails2 referencesDead skin around the nailsIt appears around the nails sometimes dead skin in the form of peeling skin, and this affects the shape and appearance of the hands, and housewives especially suffer from this problem, where dead skin accumulates around the nails, and the woman can resort to the removal of this skin in one way or more, but it is often what she follows inappropriate methods, such as the removal of dental skin, and this can expose the area around the nails to pollution, and for this, we will learn here the right ways to remove dead skin around the nails. [1]How to remove dead skin around the nailsIn order for the dead skin to be removed properly, the following should be followed:Initially, the nails should be moistened until the removal of dead skin is easy, and it is best if this process takes place after the shower where the area is softer, and then the hands are placed in a bowl that contains warm water for five A few minutes to soften it further. [1]The hands are thoroughly dried from the water. [1]After drying the hands from water, it is used as a special wooden tool for this purpose, so that the dead skin is removed arou

nd the nails through this tool at the bottom so that the nails appear more beautiful and longer. [2] The accumulated impurities around the nails are also removed.Nail scissors can only be used to remove dead skin and must be careful not to remove healthy skin. [1]After finishing the removal of dead skin, one of the oils should be used and placed around the nails to moisturize it. [1]For the best results, gloves and sleep can be worn and then removed the next morning, and this step also prevents the appearance of rails. [1]Use a special scrub for both hands so that the peette is placed and the hands are placed in the area around the nails to get rid of the dead skin, then wash them with warm water, then put a moisturizer for an hour until the The hands are absorbed. [3]Grease the nails with almond oil, then wrap the hands with a piece of cloth moistened with warm water and leave it for fifteen minutes, then remove the cloth and massage the nails to get rid of the dead skin, then the hands are washed and washed and dried well. [4]Nail care tips and keep themTo maintain the health and beauty of nails, it is advisable to follow the following:Failure to bite the nails with teeth because

it makes the nails look uncomfortable and weakened, because it is possible to swallow part of the nails and thus damage the digestive system. [5]Do not use nail polish; Because it leads to the appearance of rats. [1]Put the hands in olive oil at least one day to maintain the moisture of the nails because dehydration is one of the most common things that cause dead skin. [1]Many eat foods rich in protein, because the nails are made of keratin, which is one of the types of protein, and for this, eating foods rich in protein will give the nails good growth, and the lack of protein leads to the appearance of white spots on the nails and makes them weak and easy to break, and the protein is found in red meat, poultry, dairy, nuts, beans and other foods. [4]Drink enough water per day, because the lack of water in the body weakens the nails and becomes easy to break. [4]Normal nail care methodsHere are some natural methods used to take care of nails and maintain their health and appearance:[4]The use of olive oil, as it works to moisturize the nails and repair the damage that can be caused to them, in addition to that, it gives the nails to kill and makes it healthier and is used olive o

il by the following methods:Massage the nails with a little hot olive oil and leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash your hands with water and repeat the process two to three days.Mix three teaspoons of hot olive oil with a small tablespoon of lemon juice, using a piece of cotton, distribute the mixture on the nails and let it dry, and after doing so, it is best to wear cotton gloves, then sleep and wash it in the morning.Using flaxseed oil and massaging nails for a number of minutes, then wearing gloves and going to sleep, and adding two tablespoons of flaxseed to juices and cereal dishes daily, it would maintain the health and beauty of nails.Use tea tree oil; As tea tree oil contains emergency properties that prevent and treat fungal infections if found, it also strengthens the nails and protects them from brittleness and relieves the nails from scars that may appear on them, and tea oil is used by the following method:Put a few dots of tea tree oil in a bowl that contains warm water, put the nails in the bowl for three minutes and repeat the process more than once a week.Prepare a mixture consisting of half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil (vitamin E) or jojoba oil with four or fiv

e drops of tea tree oil, then massage the nails for a few minutes and leave the mixture until it dries, then the hands are washed with warm water, and this is repeated the process once a week.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to remove dead skin around nails

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