How to remove dead skin from the hands

1 almond and mayonnaise recipe

How to remove dead skin from the hands – ” Contents1 recipe for almond and mayonnaise2 peeling with sugar3 yogurt4 referencesAlmond and mayonnaise recipeAlmond is considered one of the most widely used natural methods. It is an anti-aging treatment, an effective treatment for dry skin and impurities of the hands; It contains many anti-oxidants, and mayonnaise is a rich source of vitamin E that dictates the skin and makes it fresh, and this recipe can be prepared by following the following method:[1]ingredients:One third of a cup of almonds.Half a cup of milk.1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.How to prepare and use:Almonds are soaked in water for a few hours; For its development.Drain the almonds from the water, put the mixer with the rest of the ingredients and mix well.Rub the hands with the mixture for 5 minutes and leave the mixture on the hands for 5 to 10 minutes.Wash hands with plenty of water.Exfoliation with sugarSugar peeling works to smooth the skin, remove dead skin cells, get rid of dry hands, give softness, freshness and is used by following the following method:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of sugar.Half a tablespoon of coconut oil.How to prepare and use:Mix the sugar with coconut oil; To get a smooth mixture.The mix

2 peeling with sugar

ture is placed on the hands and rubbed well.Hands are washed with water.Apply a gentle moisturizer.The method is repeated once a week.YogurtYogurt is one of the natural moisturizers that treats dry skin, and lactic acid in milk cleans the skin of the hands, removes dead skin, gives it elasticity and can be used by applying a tablespoon of fresh yogurt on the hands with A massage gently for 5 minutes, leave them for 10 minutes, then wash off the warm water and repeat the method daily; For better results, or by following the following method:[3]ingredients:Three teaspoons of yogurt.One tablespoon of chickpeas.How to prepare and use:Mix the yogurt with chickpea flour; To make a soft paste.Apply the paste to the hands and let it dry.The hands are washed with warm water.The method is repeated once or twice a week.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 yogurt

How to remove dead skin from the hands

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