How to remove hair with wax

1 Preparing the body to remove hair

How to remove hair with wax – “Contents1 Preparing the body for hair removal2 Application of wax slices practiced3 Application of hot wax4 referencesPreparing the body for hair removalThe body can be prepared to remove hair by following these steps: [1]Skin exfoliation: in case of using dry wax slices or hot wax, it is necessary to peel the skin a day before waxing, where the body should be rubbed to get rid of the dead skin, in order to facilitate the removal of wax for Excess hair, then the body should be washed with water and ordinary soap and make sure it is dry. Well, children’s powder can also be used to absorb excess moisture from the skin, and wax can be used to remove hair under the armpits, arms, legs, stomach, back and sensitive areas.Skin allergy: skin allergy can be reduced if wax is used to get rid of excess hair by eating ibuprofen half an hour before waxing.Provide a warm environment: the wax should be used in the bathroom after bathing in a warm environment, because using it in a cold area will increase the feeling of pain, and the warm air helps to keep the hair follicles open, and thus get rid of the hair easily.Ready to use wax applicationSlices of ready wax can be used to remove hair by fol

2 Application of ready -made wax slices

lowing these steps: [1]Heat the wax slices by rubbing them between your hands for several minutes, then slowly separate them and detect the wax.Put the tape on the area to be removed, while pressing it in the direction of the hair growth and leaving it until the wax cools on the skin for a few seconds.Hold the bottom of the tape, then remove it quickly, contrary to the direction of hair growth, while avoiding using the wax for the same area twice.Wash the area after finishing and children’s oil can be used; to remove excess wax from the skin.Hot wax applicationHot wax can be used to remove hair, following the steps below: [2]Heat the wax, then apply it to the hair area.Cover the wax with paper or a screen to facilitate the process of removing the skin.By removing the paper or screen quickly, and as soon as the hair is removed, the results will last for about three to six weeks.Note: Waxing can be used to remove excess hair from the body by applying it at home or by a professional in beauty salons, and it should be noted that hot waxing can be painful and can cause infection as one of the side effects of it , as burning can cause the skin if it is very hot, and waxing should not be

3 Warm wax application

used if certain types of acne creams; Such as: retin-a. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to remove hair with wax

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