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How to remove henna – “Contents1 henna2 ways to remove henna from the body3 ways to remove henna from the hand4 referenceshennaMany girls want to draw brown or black henna inscriptions on areas of their body such as hands or feet as a kind of beloved adornment, and this is widely in Arab and Gulf societies in particular, so we see girls rush to beauty salons to engrave beautiful forms of henna at the hands of professional experts and that before happy occasions such as national or religious holidays, as well as at weddings and henna parties held in the bride’s house before the wedding date for the marital home. [1]These beautiful inscriptions give the glow, femininity and distinction to women in front of all those present in the celebration, but the problem begins after the end of the joy in about days or a week, when the henna inscriptions begin to gradually fade and the beautiful design disappears And there are only inconsistent effects that cause discomfort for some, so the girl tries to discover many ways to eliminate the remaining scattered inscriptions in a short time. [1]Methods to remove henna from the bodyHere are a number of quick and easy methods to clean the body of henna residue in a short

2 Ways to remove henna from the body

time without any secondary damage:[2]Sticking teeth: place a small toothpaste that you usually use on the area where the traces of henna are, then leave the area and wipe it well with your fingers until the henna is completely gone, as the toothpaste consists of many active substances that remove The henna stain from the skin.Al-Tawbir cream: Grease the place of faded henna inscriptions A part of the cramp cream usually used to cover the excess hair of the woman, then leave the suspension material on the place until it dries completely, then wash the place Well, with soap and water, you will notice its complete disappearance in less than fifteen minutes.Sterile writing liquid: Repeat the henna area with soap and water, the inscriptions will be gradually relieved.Coarse salt or sea salt: soak the henna inscriptions in a salt solution consisting of sea salt and warm water for 15 to 20 minutes, this will reduce a lot of henna graphic residue and remove them in a large percentage, provided that a moisturizer for The area is used so as not to be exposed to dehydration or itching.Lemon and baking soda juice: mix a little baking soda with an appropriate amount of lemon juice until a soft

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paste is formed, then spread it on the place of unwanted henna engraving, leave it until it dries completely, then remove it, wash the area with cold water, dry it well, then put a cream a moisturizer for reissue and softness of the skin. [3].Video ways to remove henna inscription from the handTo know more about the ways to remove henna inscription from the hand, check out the video.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to remove henna

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