How to remove melasma from the face

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How to remove melasma from the face – ” Contents1 costs2 treatment methods to remove melasma from the face3 onion juice recipe to eliminate melasma4 reasons for the appearance of melasma on the face5 Methods to prevent the appearance of melasma on the face6 referencesCostThe pinch is known as a skin problem, which appears on the surface of the skin in the form of dark spots, and it can sometimes be called (pregnancy mask); Since it often appears in pregnant women. Although the costs appear in both men and women, 90% of the injured are often women. The face is classified as the most places where melasma appears, as it remembers in the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, but it can appear in any sun-exposed area like the neck and forearms. It should be noted that the costs do not cause any pain to the person with the injured person, but it can reduce his self-confidence and make him feel uncomfortable. [1]Therapeutic methods to remove melasma from the faceThe acts can be treated with the help of many therapeutic methods, and the following we will mention some of them:[2]Stop taking birth control pills: birth control pills bring changes in hormones inside the body, which contributes to increase the chances of the appearance

2 treatment methods to remove melasma from the face

of melasma on the face, which makes the effect of all topical treatments used to treat melasma goes in vain .Tri-Luma: This is a three-component main component, as it contains hydroquinone, which helps the skin whiten, and reminoid, which works to accelerate the transformation of cells, and corticosteroid, which reduces skin infections. This product has proven its ability to treat 70% of the people who used it, and they got rid of the melasma problem by 75%, for a period of two months of regular use. But there are some negative points in this product, one of which is that it is not a permanent treatment, but its therapeutic effect is continuously linked to its use, so if it is stopped using it, the costs start again by gradually appearing on the Face. Another negative comes in a dark skin, because the prolonged use of this product increases the dark color of their skin; For this reason, specialists advise to use it for only 2 to 4 months, then they are recommended to use another type of skin candy for two months.Laser procedure: Layers are considered one of the best and safest ways to help get rid of costs. It is recommended to use one of the types of topical treatments such as hyd

3 onion juice recipe to remove melasma

roquinone in conjunction with the laser; for more effective results. Taking into account the use of high-density lasers such as Fraxel, which is the destruction of cellular cells; For it can cause infections that cause melanocytes again.Chemical peeling process: If topical products are not with positive results in treating melasma, then chemical peeling can be resorted to every month or two. There are two types of chemical peeling, one of which contains salicylic acid and gives these types of results with the least amount of complications. The other type is the VI Peel, which contains additional whitening substances such as vitamin C and kojic acid.Use of Sunscreen: Since the rays of sunscreen are considered one of the factors leading to the appearance of melasma in front, prevention must be one of the ways that guarantee that it does not exacerbate it further; Therefore, it is advisable to put on a sun every day even inside the house; Because there are certain types of rays that have the ability to penetrate the windows.Onion juice recipe to eliminate melasmaThere are many natural recipes that can be prepared at home, which have the ability to reduce melasma spots on the face, and

4 reasons for the appearance of melasma on the face

the most important of these recipes is onion juice, where onion juice has the ability to restore the natural color of the face; This is because of its sulfur compounds that have the ability to reduce the dark spots that may exist on the skin, and it also contributes to its nutrition. And the way to prepare it is:[3]ingredients:Two grains, or three grains of onions.Adequate amount of apple cider to prepare:Finely chop the onion and place it in a cloth.Spread the onions inside the cloth; To extract juice.The amount of onion juice is measured and apple cider vinegar is mixed with an equal amount.The mixture is placed on the face with the help of a piece of cotton.Leave the mixture on the face for up to 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.This method is repeated twice a day for a few weeks.Reasons for the appearance of melasma on the faceIn fact, it has not yet been found for clear reasons that lead to the incidence of melasma, but there are many factors that can somehow lead to its appearance, and we will make the following points that some of them mention:[1]Hormonal treatment.Take birth control pills.Pregnancy.Frequent sun exposure.Stress and pressure.Thyroi

d disease.Methods to prevent the appearance of melasma on the faceIt is also said that a dirham is better than a cure. That is why it is advisable to follow the ways of prevention because it is much easier than the methods of treatment, and protection of the face from sunlight is one of the best methods of prevention on which should be focused; Therefore, it is desirable not to be exposed to the sun, and in case this is necessary, a good condom and an appropriate protection factor should be placed whenever the house is left, and regardless of the climate, whether sunny or rainy, the status of condom should never be neglected. It is also advisable to wear a hat with wide brims. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to remove melasma from the face

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