How to remove nail polish

1 Ways to remove nail polish

How to remove nail polish – “Contents1 ways to remove nail polish2 video of nail polish and its effect on healthMethods to remove nail polishThe beauty of the nails is a sign of elegance for women, many women take care of their nails with great care and are interested in pruning them, cold it, remove the dead skin around them and preserve them from cracking, and even a nail polish recently became A beautiful art that women love, so today there are beautiful, strange, creeping and dark colors, and today the lady can draw and engrave on the nail in a simple way without needing to go to the beauty salons.But the nail polish because it contains chemicals, it is tired of the nails, so the woman should remove the paint, wash the nails with water and give the nails the opportunity to rest completely, because the skin of the face needs comfort of the makeup.AcetoneA nail polish remover, or commercially known as acetone, is a chemical compound that dissolves the paint and thus becomes easy to remove from the nail, and it is the most common material to remove nail polish in women and is available in all makeup stores and pharmacies.What we need to do is put a small amount on a cotton ball and rub the nail with it to se

2 nail polish video and its effect on health

e how easy it is to remove with this substance, then we wash our hands with warm water and put a little cream on the hands while the hands like acetone causes dry nails, but the use of acetone in many tires the nails and makes them crack or break it, so attention must be paid when using, and it is better to use natural materials.AlcoholAlcohol is considered the best and less impact on the hands than acetone, but it is generally good for removing paint, it works with the same mechanism for cyttone, that is, it dissolves the paint to facilitate its removal from the nails, and we rub the nails with a cotton moistened with alcohol, we will notice the disappearance of the paint but slowly compared to acetone and the process must be repeated more than once to achieve a satisfactory result.Any substance containing alcohol can be used as the tip of hair (fixed hair), or deodorant, or perfume, and here we will sprinkle these materials on the nail, and rub them with a cotton ball until we see the pain of the paint, And repeat the process here to get the best results and wash the hands after it with water Luke, put the cream to moisturize the hands.Water, lemon and perfumeWe prepare a mixture

of lemon juice and a little water and perfume, soak the nails in the mixture for two minutes, then we mount the nails with a cotton ball to see that the paint has begun to disappear.Warm waterHot water moisturizes the skin and nails and softens the paint, facilitating the process of removing the paint.We soak the hand in hot water, the temperature of the water should be at the maximum that the hand can bear.After five minutes, we press the paint with a cotton ball to see that it has become easy to remove.Use of vinegarWe put a small amount of vinegar on the nail, leave vinegar for two minutes, then with a cotton moistened with vinegar, we rub the nail to notice that the vinegar has worked on the paint and easy to remove.Video of nail polish and its effect on healthWatch this video to know the ingredients of nail polish and its effect on health and how it can be used safely:Was the article helpful?

How to remove nail polish

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