How to remove nose fat

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How to remove nose fat – “Contents1 nose fat2 natural ways to get rid of nose fatNose fatThe accumulation of fat in the pores of the nose often causes problems, such as the appearance of fat pills and small black spots on the nose, these problems cause a lot of embarrassment and inconvenience to their owner, many may seek to get rid of Through the era of fat in the nose, but fat soon return to accumulation, the best solution is to follow one of the natural methods that help to get rid of nose fat and prevent it again.Natural methods to get rid of nose fatAlmondAlmonds contain natural materials fighting the accumulation of fat in the pores, as raw almonds are crushed to fat on the nose and leave for 10 minutes until it dries, then wipe the nose with a clean piece and wash the nose with cold water.VinegarVinegar helps to dissolve the fat in the nose area and prevent the accumulation of fat again, by mixing a tablespoon of vinegar with a cup of sterile water and a clean cotton ball with vinegar solution, then apply the solution on the fat nose area several times in 15 minutes and wash the nose with warm water.LemonadeLemon juice helps to expel oils from the pores of the nose by dipping a piece of medical cott

2 natural ways to get rid of the fat of the nose

on with lemon juice, applying lemon juice on the fatty areas on the nose, and leave it for 5 minutes, then wash it with cold water, refining this method two to three times a day.tomatoesThe enzymes in tomatoes can stop the secretion of fat from the skin, by spraying a soft tomato seed up, then rinse with cold water.AvocadoAvocado is one of the effective natural materials to get rid of skin fat and nasal area, by crushing an avocado and rolling the nose under the microscope for at least 10 minutes, then become cloudy and rinse with cold water.Potato juiceIn search of a ripe and sweet potato, by pulverizing potatoes into small slices, attaching the slices to small holes and pressing them hard, until the apple juice dries and washed with cold water.Banana peelBanana peels without banana are used, rubbing the nose with the inner pulp of the peels, left until it dries, then rinsed with cold water.Was the article useful?

How to remove nose fat

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