How to remove sunburn from the hands

1 essential oils

How to remove sunburn from the hands – ” Contents1 essential oils2 Aloe Vera3 Vitamin E oil4 sodium bicarbonate5 natural organic apple cider vinegar6 referencesEssentialEssential oils are sunburn calming and reduce the effects of burns, such as lavender oil and sunflower oil, where a small amount of oil is applied to the hands; To take advantage of this to eliminate burns. [1]Aloe veraGel or fresh products of aloe vera that contain an amount of it benefit by soothing the skin exposed to sunburn, and this reduces the pain to the burn; It contains handcuffs, which is a type of natural medicine, and aloe vera also helps to moisturize the skin, peel it gently and relieve the effects of burns. [1]Vitamin E OilVitamin E is considered a type of antioxidant and can be used topically on skin exposed to sunburn or eat them as nutritional supplements; For its usefulness in relieving sunburn and applying it to the skin topically, gently exfoliates the skin and relieves the darkening of the skin caused by sunburn. [1]sodium bicarbonateBaking soda is an ideal natural treatment for sunburn; It contains anti-inflammatory properties that calm inflamed skin, relieve skin irritation, itching and cool it; Because it contains alkaline subst

2 Aloe vera

ances, baking soda is used once in the morning to help heal and restore skin cells and reduce burns, prepared and used as follows: [2]ingredients:One cup of sodium bicarbonate.A quarter cup of water.The first method:Mix one cup of baking soda in the water used to wash or shower and let it set for twenty minutes.Wash the skin with cold water mixed with baking soda, then dry the skin with a towel and moisturize.The second method:Place three teaspoons of baking soda, mix with a quarter cup of water and blend the two components to prepare a paste.The baking soda paste is applied to the affected areas of the sun, leave for ten minutes, then wash the skin with cold water.Natural organic apple cider vinegarVinegar restores the tissues of the sun-affected burned skin, and it is recommended to use it after taking a cold or warm bath, and is used as follows: [3]ingredients:One cup of organic apple cider vinegar.An empty spiral bottle.A few cotton balls.How to use:The empty spiral bottle is filled with organic apple cider vinegar and sprinkled on the affected areas of the sun.The spray set can be replaced with cotton balls by swiping it with vinegar, applying them to the damaged skin and leav

3 vitamin E oil

ing it until it is completely dry.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 sodium bicarbonate

How to remove sunburn from the hands

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