How to remove tattoos

1 laser tattoo removal

How to remove tattoos – “Contents1 laser tattoo removal2 chemical peeling3 salt4 referencesLaser tattoo removalThe best way to remove tattoos is the use of lasers, it is a fast, low-risk and safer way than any other means, because it is performed in specialized professional centers supervised by professional medical teams, with all the necessary amenities to make the tattoo removal process fast and painless. Laser tattoo removal is summarized by performing some necessary procedures before and after removing the tattoo, and then in treatment sessions that can extend from 3 to 6 sessions that vary from 20 to 30 minutes, and then the tattoo disappears permanently. [1]Chemical peelingChemical peeling is one of the somewhat expensive home methods to remove tattoos, but it only requires simple ingredients to perform this process, so all it needs is:[2]Mix a quantity of vitamin E oil and aloe vera from natural aloe vera, with apricot scrubs in equal amounts together.Distribute the mixture to the tattoo area in circular motions using a cotton ball until the mixture is completely covered.Leave the mixture on the area tube for five minutes.Rinse the tattoo with cold water to ensure that the tattoo is completely rem

2 chemical peeling

oved.Repeat the process four times a day for a month, taking into account that this process may take longer to work; this is depending on the size of the tattoo, the nature of the colors used in it and its quantity, and the period of time that has elapsed.the saltBelow you will find how to remove tattoos with salt: [3]Removing the tattoo area; Because this will reduce the pain associated with tattoo removal and makes it more effective.Wash the sprayed area with antibacterial soap and water to disinfect it, with the need to ask the doctor about an antibacterial emulsion that is distributed from a prescription to achieve a perfect cleaning.Soak a sponge or a piece of gauze in water, then squeeze it a little bit to not name the water during use.Roll the sponge piece over a small amount of table salt until the sponge absorbs most of the salt.Rub the tattoo strongly for a span of 30 to 40 minutes or even the skin color becomes dark.Leave the tattoo until it dries completely, then put a layer of an antibiotic cream on it.Cover the area with a sterile bandage.Remove the bandage after three days of treatment. If the tattoo is exposed to inflammation, you should see a doctor immediately.the

3 salt

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How to remove tattoos

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