How to remove the blackness of the knees and elbows

1 lemon

How to remove the blackness of the knees and elbows – ” Contents1 lemon2 coconut oil3 medical treatments4 referencesLemonLemon helps to get rid of stains on the skin, such as an area under the arms, and on the knees, by cutting the lemon into thin slices with the knife, and setting it aside on a plate until the end of the shower, then Use the fiber, or pumice stone, rub the skin with it, and after finishing the bath dry the skin well Rub an area under the arms, elbows and knees with lemon slices, taking care to leave the lemon juice on the skin For 30 minutes, then the area is washed with warm water, and for the best results, the process is repeated daily after the shower, and a moisturizer is placed after washing the lemon to avoid dry skin. [1]Coconut OilCoconut oil is one of the best home remedies for dark areas of the skin, especially the elbow and knees, because it contains vitamin E that prevents and opens the skin, in addition to that, it helps to repair the damaged skin and darkness and coconut oil Can be used in the following methods: [2]Coconut oil is placed on the elbows and knees after a shower, rubbing gently for about 1 to 2 minutes, and the process is repeated more than once during the day to prevent dry skin.A mixture

2 coconut oil

consisting of: a teaspoon of coconut oil is prepared, with half a teaspoon of lemon juice, then the mixture is applied to the knees, elbows and leaves about 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it with water or with paper towels and for best results, it should apply the recipe once a day.A mixture consisting of: a tablespoon of walnut powder and coconut, then mix well until you get a thick paste, then put the elbows, and elbows to exfoliate the dead skin cells or dark spots, and it is best to do to do It is regularly two to three times a week.Medical treatmentsHome remedies and health practices may not fructuate them to get rid of dark spots on elbows and knees, so the need for stronger treatments to combat hyperpigmentation, including: [3]Prescription treatments once: over-the-counter skin lightening products, as they are the first option in medical treatments, and products containing hydroquinone can be used, a compound that lightens the dark skin dye or uses products that contain acid. Lipo-hydroxyl, And from the products of products used without a prescription to be expensive over time, the treatment period can take several weeks or even months until the desired result appears, and side

3 medical treatments

effects of its use: irritation, skin statement, and increased sensitivity to the sun.Prescription treatments: If the previous treatment fails, there are many prescription treatments that help to lighten the skin, but it is desirable to consult a health professional before taking them, and these products may include ingredients such as: hydroquinone and others are prohibited Emmning.Laser therapy: Laser is used to treat severe or difficult conditions, but these are the dangers of this treatment to appear scars that can make the elbows, and knees darker with the end.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to remove the blackness of the knees and elbows

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