How to remove the effects of acne from the back

1 Using topical medical creams

How to remove the effects of acne from the back – ” Contents1 Using topical medical creams2 Taking medical medication3 Change the daily routine4 Natural home recipes5 referencesUsing topical medical creamsTopical medical creams are used to treat mild and moderate cases of acne, and they can often be purchased without a doctor’s prescription to contain benzoel peroxide, or salicylic acid, and applied to the affected parts of the back and stain 1 to 2 times a day, while continuing to use it for a period, it varies between 4 and 8 weeks; The grains decrease after using them and the skin becomes clear. [1]Taking medical drugsCapsules and grains are used; To treat severe cases of acne, which include oily love bags, and these medicines contain antibiotics; To fight bacteria and relieve skin inflammation, doctors sometimes prescribe it with topical creams, and the treatment should be used to take it from 2 to 6 months; For the appearance of the required results. [1]Change the daily routineWhile some steps to follow; In order to prevent acne and mitigate its effects, the most important of which are: [2]Bathing after exercise: the sweat caused by exercise provides a fertile environment for the growth of bacteria that cause young love, so i

2 Take medical medications

t is recommended to shower as soon as they are finished, with the need to change clothes.Skin peeling: peel the skin with products containing salicylic acid, as it cleans it from excess oils and dirt, and relieves the accumulation of dead skin peels in the pores, which makes them close.Wear loose clothes: Hold the clothes tight and accumulate dirt and collect it in the pores; Therefore, it is recommended to wear loose clothes; To allow the skin to breathe, get rid of the sweat.Cleaning hair constantly: long hair contains greasy oils and accumulated dirt that can be transmitted to the back, and can cause acne, and while the products used are cleaning, such as: shampoo and conditioner, but this can lead to an increase in the appearance of acne due to some of its components and its transmission to the back, it is advisable to elevate the hair, especially during periods of activity in which the secretion of sweat increases.Application of sunscreen without fatty ingredients: it is advisable to apply a sunscreen without fatty ingredients; as it is light on the skin, it does not block the pores.A healthy diet: it is advisable to follow a healthy diet, because foods that increase blood sug

3 Change the daily routine

ar levels stimulate the appearance of acne, such as: white bread, sugar, rice and potatoes, and it is advisable to eat whole grains, vegetables, leafy greens, fruits and low-fat proteins instead.Natural home recipesWhile some natural recipes that solve the problem of acne in the back, including:Organic appleOrganic apple cider vinegar balances the acidity of the skin, cleans the skin of germs, is used by diluting it with water, and it is placed in an empty spray bottle, and it is kept in the refrigerator and the area of the area of The back exposed to the love of youth at night before bedtime, and it can be repeated from 2-3 mom. [3]Tea tree oilTea tree oil relieves acne in the back area, and the growth of bacteria causes it, as it treats many skin problems, and many medical products containing a percentage of tea tree oil can be used. [2]Natural lemon juiceLemon juice contains effective citric acid purification and deep pore cleansing, and it is used by cutting a lemon kernel in half, rubbing the affected areas by the back, leaving it for more than an hour, and then washing the area with a cold water, and not too much, use; To avoid dry skin. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 Natural Home Recipes

How to remove the effects of acne from the back

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