How to remove the effects of burns from the hand

1 The reasons that lead to burns

How to remove the effects of burns from the hand – ” Contents1 Reasons that lead to burns2 Classification of burns3 How to eliminate the effects of burns4 Primary treatment when exposed to burning5 symptoms of burning infection6 Types of massage used to treat burns7 Using the doctor8 referencesReasons that lead to burnsBurns occur for several reasons, including:[1]The person’s skin touches something very hot.Exposure to the burn with boiling water.Exposure to direct sunlight.Stealing certain chemicals from parts of the body.Electric shock.Classification of burnsBurns are classified according to the amount of damaged skin that was affected by the burn to: [1]The first degree burn that damages the outer layer of the skin (skin) and causes redness and pain, and it is characterized by healing quickly for a period of more than 6 days, without leaving scars on the skin.Second degree burns affect the skin, the layer that follows the skin (the dermis), is accompanied by redness and pain, and scars appear on the affected area, and it needs a week to three to three weeks to recover.Third degree burns are the most dangerous; Because it does not harm the top layers of the skin, but also damages the bones and tendons and it can affect the nerve

2 Burns Classification

endings, and people with third degree burns turn white or black, and this type of burn takes a long time to recover, and it may be accompanied by the appearance of scars.How to eliminate the effects of burnsThe process of eliminating or mitigating burns is done in several ways, including:[1]Use ointment, such as silicone ointment that can be applied to burning scars; To improve healing, this is often the appropriate method for quick treatment.Use steroid injections, which help relieve pain and reduce scarring.Laser therapy, which helps reduce redness, pain and relieves scarring.Primary treatment when exposed to burningImmediately after burning, the person should use several ways to prevent or reduce the severity of scarring, which are:[1]Rinse the burn with cold or lukewarm water.Leave the skin until it dries.Apply an antibiotic ointment with a sterile stick to help prevent infection.The burning cover is with a non-adhesive bandage.Seek medical attention; If the burn increases redness instead of recovery.Symptoms of burning infectionThe person suffering from a burn is exposed to several symptoms, including continuous itching, which is a common problem, which occurs because the bur

3 How to remove the effects of burns

n causes weakness, and destroys the sebaceous glands in the affected area, which creates dry skin and itching appears, and although there is no treatment that may be able to get rid of the itching completely, however, there are a number of refreshments that help to alleviate them, and it is preferable that these moisturizers are free of aromatic compounds; To avoid skin irritation. [2]Types of massage used to treat burnsMassage therapy is used to relieve pain and relieve skin sensitivity, as it helps to reduce scarring, and also reduces the restriction of movement suffered by the injured and its inability to move the affected area, and this must be done in a Correction, as there are different types of massage techniques used in burn centers, including:[2]Kneading.Packing of the skin.Stretching.Suffering.The specialized doctor or professional therapist should guide on how to implement these techniques at home with the time to start, and it is possible to use the therapist for massage or experienced to treat burn scars.Using the doctorIt is possible to treat small first-degree burns without using the doctor, but second-degree burns prefer to see a doctor, especially when certain sign

4 Primary treatment when exposed to burning

s appear, such as:[3]Redness.Swelling.Pus.Note: In the case of small burns, or first degree, it is best to consult a doctor if it does not heal in a week.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to remove the effects of burns from the hand

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