How to remove the effects of pills

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How to remove the effects of pills – ” Contents1 acne2 ways to eliminate the effects of acne3 medical methods to treat acne4 tips to prevent acne from appearing5 referencesAcneAcne is an inflammation that appears on the skin, and it can appear at any age and at any time, but there are many factors that cause acne, including skin blockage. The appearance of acne is also a genetic factor.Methods to get rid of the effects of acneThere are many ways to get rid of acne, and here we will discuss home recipes that can be used to treat the effects of acne, including:[2]apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar contains a lot of antiseptic and sterile characteristics, which help get rid of dead skin cells and its method:ingredients:A quantity of apple cider vinegar.A quantity of to prepare:We take a quantity of apple cider vinegar, the quantity of equal to water and mixing them together.We put the mixture with the help of a cotton on the skin.We leave it for a few hours.We wash the skin with warm water.PineapplePineapple fruit is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps treat wounds, reduces the effects of love and its method:ingredients:A quantity of pineapple pieces.A piece of cotton.How to prepare:Mix the pineapple piec

2 ways to remove acne effects

es until we get pineapple juice.Soak the cotton with pineapple juice.We apply the juice on the skin and leave it for 15-25 minutes.We wash the skin with water.NutmegNutmeg is used to treat many diseases, because it has antifungal, bacterial and infections, and helps to get rid of the effects of acne easily, and reduces inflammation nutmeg, a swelling that occurs on the skin due to acne and its method:ingredients:One teaspoon of nutmeg powder.One teaspoon of cinnamon to prepare:We mix the nutmeg powder with cinnamon and honey.We put the mixture on the skin, leave it for thirty minutes.We wash the face with water.Note: The skin should be tested before applying the nutmeg and honey, because it can cause allergies to some types of skin.OnionsOnions help renew dead cells, in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties and bacteria, and onions help eliminate the effects of acne in a short time, and in its way:ingredients:One pill or two onions.One cucumber seed.Linter or two tablespoons, from flaxseed or to prepare:Crush the onions to extract the juice.Crush the cucumber to extract the juice.We grind flax seeds or oats until they are like powder.Mix the ingredients t

3 medical methods to treat acne

ogether until we get a paste.We apply the mixture on the skin and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.We wash the skin.PotatoesPotatoes help to get rid of acne and its effects, because they are rich in vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen, which renews skin cells and helps to recover from acne, and its worrying effects, in addition to this, potatoes contain vitamin B , and niacin which is happy to whiten the skin, and regenerate its cells and its way:ingredients:A large pill of potatoes.How to prepare:Peel the potato, then make it like the paste.We apply it to the damaged skin.Leave it for a few minutes, until it dries.We wash the skin.OatsOats help fight acne and its effects, helps relieve dermatitis and redness, treat the effects of love and its method:ingredients:One cup of oats.Two cups of boiling to prepare:Mix the hot water and oats until we have a paste.We wait for the cool.We put the paste on the skin.Leave it for ten minutes.Medical methods to treat acneThere are many treatments for acne and its effects, but the treatments differ depending on the apparent type of love, and these treatments are:[3]Benzwell peroxide: this treatment is used for mild acne, as it resi

4 tips to prevent acne from appearing

sts bacteria, helps regenerate the skin and reduces the production of fat.Salcylic acid: This acid helps break down black and white heads, relieves inflammation and is used to treat mild acne.Corticosteroid injections: this injection is used to treat acne and its effects means, when a young cyst is inflamed, it can explode, and this leads to great effects of acne, so the needles can be used to treat the grains and their effects, and this helps to recover quickly.Antibiotics: The doctor can prescribe oral antibiotics for moderate acne.Tips to prevent acne from appearingA dirham is supposed to protect is better than a quintal treatment, and there are many tips and advice that prevent and reduce the appearance of acne, including:[1]Washing the face properly: Washing the skin well and cleaning it is one of the important habits for skin care, so a light cleanser should be used, to wash the face twice a day, once in the morning and evening, and the dryable paper can be used to relieve the skin grease.Discrimination of skin type: the skin type should be determined, so that we can choose the necessary materials suitable for skin care, because oily skin is more vulnerable to acne than other

skin types.Moisturizing the skin: moisturizing the skin helps to protect it from acne, but we should avoid moisturizers that contain chemicals and fragrances.Use of acne treatments: consult a doctor and go first to face the problem of acne, in order to prescribe the appropriate medication for the disease.Drinking water: The skin reacts to external and internal effects, and when it reduces the amounts of water, the skin produces more fat to moisturize the skin, and here the problem increases, and the skin is inflamed.Good makeup: some women sometimes resort to acne by using makeup, which can increase the problem.Avoid touching pimples: move your fingers to the skin when you touch it, increasing the problem of acne.Good diet: foods containing high levels of sugar, such as: baked goods and soft drinks, cause acne, as food affects the skin, so healthy foods should be consumed.Avoid rubbing the face: avoid rubbing the face and skin with acne and avoid cleaning it with a wet handkerchief, as this increases the love and skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to remove the effects of pills

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