How to remove the face digging

1 The face is drilled

How to remove the face digging – ” Contents1 The face is drilled2 When can facial drilling occur?3 How to avoid facial drilling4 Methods to eliminate facial drilling medically5 Ways to eliminate facial drilling naturally6 How effective are modern and promising treatments for facial drilling?7 ReferencesThe face has been drilledWhen an injury heals, it eventually turns into a hole or scar, and the face of the face comes in many forms and for various reasons, such as: injuries, acne, burns or surgery, and the process of finding ways to Remove drilling from the face young love is not the question. Easy, and many people who suffer from drilling seek a radical solution to this issue until a greater confidence is achieved and aesthetic and healthy appearance of the skin, and since The face is exposed to the environment and the surrounding elements, which can make the period of elimination of drilling long, it must be patient to achieve the required results. [1]When can facial drilling appear?Facial scars can occur at any age, whether the person is a teenager and his hormones change or an adult, and sometimes it can appear as a result of weight loss or a sagging body with age, so that the scars that have occurred in rece

2 When can the face drilling appear?

nt years become more clear. [2] It is advisable to treat acne immediately after its appearance, even if it is mild, to avoid the appearance of drilling by following a good skin care routine to avoid inflammation, treatment of creams or face washing and avoiding practices that can Irritate the skin and increase inflammation and if it is not successful, the dermatologist should be examined, to start a journey of treatment against acne, better results can be obtained when starting treatment since the beginning. [3]How to avoid facial drillingThese are some of the methods that should be followed to avoid and reduce the risk of the appearance of facial drilling or scarring:[4]Treat pimples as soon as possible if they are raised so that the condition does not exacerbate and therefore does not protect the skin from forming pimples, scars and drilling caused by pills.Treat the inflammation of the grains and prevent skin irritation resulting from washing the face violently or using inappropriate creams, because inflamed pills are one of the biggest causes of facial drilling.Do not press on the grains, their pipelines or their time, especially nodules and abscesses, as this exacerbates the c

3 How to avoid facial drilling

ondition and serious infections and thus the emergence of deep pits that can be permanent on the face.Knowing whether the skin is more vulnerable to the formation of drilling, there are people who do not appear pits despite their love for youth, and other people whose pits abound in their face despite the smallness and simplicity of their acne, and this is done by Examine the dermatologist to determine and develop a treatment plan for the skin.Treating nodules and abscesses that destroy skin tissue and leave a very deep height, consulting a doctor who determines the appropriate treatment for the skin and prevents the formation of pits.Ways to medically eliminate facialsMedical methods that dermatologists use to eliminate facial digging, and the method is determined according to the condition of the patient and the cause of the appearance of facial digging, and while some methods manage to get rid of facial drilling: [ 5]Skin removal, which removes layers of skin, stimulates the body to reproduce new skin cells, and this technique treats surface drilling and not deep which requires other techniques, and the types of peeling used are divided into:Laser peeling.Chemical peeling.Dermab

4 methods of removing facial pits medically

ray.Microdermaprancy.Skin injection with special substances such as collagen or a sample of the patient’s fat, in order to fill the pits and scars in the face, and some injections have a temporary effect that lasts from 6 to 18 months and the other is a permanent effect.Tighten the skin using radio wave technology, which requires more than one session in addition to serious care after each session, and be sure to apply night creams and sunscreen in the morning.Acupuncture that stimulates collagen production in the skin, and this technique requires several sessions determined by the doctor, and the results take a long time up to nine months.A local surgery is performed inside the clinic, which applies to cases where the pits are very clear and deep.Use some creams prescribed by the doctor in addition to silicone dressings that reduce annoying itching and make the skin more flexible and reduce the effects of drilling until they melt, and until the best results are achieved, you should continue to put these products.Ways to eliminate facial drilling naturallyFacial drilling can be treated with herbs or natural recipes, which can be done at home with ease and ensure the following:Olive

oilOlive oil relieves the face of the face and brightens the dark pits. [6]Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of olive oil.How to use: the face is applied with olive oil on the way of massage slowly, then it is placed a towel spoiled on the face as it works to lighten the pores of the face and make it more fluid, then leave the towel on the face until it cools then remove and wipe the oil from the face.The sodium carbonateSodium carbonate is one of the natural scrubs, which has proven to be effective in getting rid of dark spots and facial scavenging. [6]Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of sodium carbonate, one teaspoon of water.How to use: mix the ingredients until a paste is obtained.LemonadeLemon juice is a natural alpha hydroxy acid and is used to hide pits and scars, stimulate the skin and improve healing, and it is advisable to repeat the lemon on the face every two or three days to achieve the desired results. [seven]Ingredients: one lemon juice, cotton ballHow to use: the juice can be diluted with water if the skin is sensitive, then the cotton piece is immersed with the juice and put on the wells and then left to dry completely, after which the face is washed with cold water and dry well

and the face is moisturized with a natural moisturizer.OptionThe option is one of the most popular elements to treat facial problems, it is a great moisturizer for the skin and contains many essential elements for the skin, such as vitamin A and vitamin C in addition to magnesium, and for best results recommended to put the cucumber on the face daily. [8]Ingredients: one option.How to use: Cut the option into thin slices, then put the face with a focus on the drilling areas and leave the slices on the face for 30 minutes, then wash the face with cold water and dry well.Aloe veraAloe vera helps to treat the swelling of the skin in addition to renewing the damaged tissues and improving the healing process, and it is advisable to use the fresh aloe vera gel that is extracted from the aloe vera plant instead of the cosmetic preparations that contain it, And it is advisable to repeat the aloe vera on the drilling face twice a day to get the results in a few days. [9]Ingredients: a sheet of milk.How to use: peel the aloe vera paper and remove the outer shell, extract the gel and placed on the pits of the face and left for about half an hour, then wash the face and dry.PotatoesPotatoes c

an eliminate facial pits with high efficiency if used constantly on the face, so it is recommended to use it three to four times a week for a month or two depending on the condition of drilling and its intensity. [9]Ingredients: fresh potato.How to use: peel the potato into circular slices, then the slice is rubbed on the face with circular motions, this continues until the potato slice dries, another place on the face and repeat the same steps for 15 to 20 minutes, then leave The face until it absorbs the potato juice, then wash and dry well and moisturizes the appropriate moisturizer for the skin.Mask with lemon and honeyThis mask works to eliminate the pits resulting from acne and get rid of it, because lemon is a natural white that contains vitamin C that helps build collagen, and relieves scars, dark spots and redness, while honey, which in turn is known to get rid of acne is also effective in mitigating its effects and repeat this mask. Every day for at least two to three weeks. [9]Ingredients: Two l

How to remove the face digging

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