How to remove the pores of the face

1 Ways to get rid of facial pores

How to remove the pores of the face – ” Contents1 ways to get rid of facial pores2 VIDEO OF THE HANDWays to get rid of facial poresOpen and large pores are among the most problems that men and women suffer, and cause many skin problems in the event that they are not treated and eliminated, as the accumulation of fat and germs contributes to the appearance of Acne on the skin and annoying and painful pimples, and started another suffering in the treatment of these grains and get rid of cubesSnow cubes greatly help to get rid of large facial pores, where cold snow reduces the size of the pores and permanently closed them over time, is by gently wiping the face with ice cubes and focusing on the areas where large pores abound and Open, between a quarter of an hour, except a third of an hour a day, and leave the remains of cold water drops on the face until they dry alone.Lemon and pineapple juicePineapple and natural lemon juice contain many enzymes that help to clean, disinfect and tighten the skin, and greatly affect the spacious face pores to purify it of impurities and fats and reduce its size, mix the amount of cup of pineapple juice with the same amount of lemon juice, put a piece of cotton. In the juice, w

2 Video of the way to distress the pores of the face

hile continuing to apply the juice on the face for a minute, leave the juice on the face until it dries and wash with warm water.Papaya and bananaPeel the fruits of papaya and banana, and the peel is used to massage the face in light and thin circular motions for at least five minutes, focusing on massaging the areas of open and large pores, and wash the face well with warm water.SandalwoodSandalwood is available in perfumers, as sandalwood is mixed with an appropriate amount of water, and mix well until it becomes a sticky texture, spread the mixture on the face and leave for 10 to 20 minutes until it dries, then wash it with warm water and soap, the use of this mixture can be repeated twice a week until all pores are closed.YogurtEnsure the choice of expired yogurt and spread it all over the face, helps lactic acid and bibiotics to deeply clean the pores of the skin, remove the germs and fats that accumulate in them and get rid of them, resulting in a gradual reduction in the size of the pores until it disappears completely.Baking sodaBaking soda can be used to close open pores, mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with a tablespoon of water, mix well and only on all areas of th

e face, it is best for people with sensitive skin to try the mixture on the hand first, to ensure that it is not irritated for the skin and skin.Video on the face poresTo learn more about how to drunken facial pores, watch the video.Was the article helpful?

How to remove the pores of the face

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