How to remove the smell of onions from the hands

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How to remove the smell of onions from the hands – “Contents1 onion smell2 ways to remove onion smell from hands3 tips to eliminate onion smell from hands4 referencesOnionOnions are considered one of the materials used to prepare various foods, especially in the daily lunch, so we find the woman thrown by the smell of onions on her hands after finishing the preparation of the meal that onions permeates, so you find it Difficult to get rid of its smell immediately, and this is what makes her disturb and embarrassment, especially when visiting one of her relatives, so seeks ways to reduce this annoying smell, and we will present in this article a set of Cheap Domestic Routes, which help to reduce the smell of onions and remove them from the hands. [1]Ways to remove the smell of onions from the handsTo remove the smell of onions from the hands, the following methods can be followed:[2]Vinegar: We put a few drops of vinegar on the comfort of the hands after finishing chopping the onions, rubbing the hands with vinegar and leaving it for a while, then we wash them with water, because vinegar is an effective way to get rid of the strong smell of onions.Coffee: Add a little ground coffee to the hands, then wash them with water immediately

2 Ways to remove the smell of onions from the hands

, because coffee helps to remove the smell of onions immediately.Mouthwash: Put the dots of mouthwash on the hands, then wash them with water, and the onion smell stuck on the hands will inevitably remove.SALT: We wash our hands with water, take a handful of salt and rub our hands with it, while the water continues to go to the hands, and using this method can expose the hands to dryness, so we need to moisturize them after that.Baking Soda: To avoid dry hands caused by the use of salt in the previous method, we can use baking soda and rub the hands with it for a few seconds under running water.Sugar: Put the hands under the water tap and rub them with a little sugar, as it gives the sugar a pleasant smell of the hands, and relieves them of the smell of onions.Stick the teeth: rub the hands with a little toothpaste that contains fluoride, then we wash them with warm water.Mineral ships: Rubbing the hands while they are under water with one of the pieces of metal, such as the spoon, helps greatly to remove the smell of onions.Olive oil: Dab olive oil on the hands and leave them on for five minutes; olive oil helps to absorb the exceptional odors on the skin, then wash the hands with

3 tips to remove the onion smell from the hands

soap and warm water.Vinegar and olive oil: Mix equal amounts of vinegar and olive oil, apply the mixture on the hands and leave it for five minutes, then wash it with soap and water.Tips for removing onion odour from handsHere are some tips for getting rid of onion smell: [3]Wear oven mitts, which help the onion smell when cutting on your hands.Peel the onions, wrap and put it in the refrigerator for two hours before cutting it; Because placing it in the refrigerator greatly helps to eliminate the gas and strong odor from it.Wash your hands immediately after finishing the onion with soap for both hands.Use white onions instead of red; Because white onions are milder in terms of odor and heartburn that cause tears from the eyes.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to remove the smell of onions from the hands

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