How to remove the third

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How to remove the third – ” Contents1 warts2 ways to get rid of warts3 garlic and wart treatment4 referencesWartsWarts are one of the most aesthetic problems that many people suffer from, appearing on the skin as a result of several factors, but there are many ways to treat this problem and overcome them at home, or by resorting to certain drugs and antibiotics to treat this problem. Warts are a small cohesive swelling that appears on the skin in several places of the body; Whether in the face or in different areas of the body, the reason for its appearance is due to the presence of a viral infection and poses no risk to human health, but its appearance is annoying to many people, especially women of them and warts are called many names; Calsan, Fish Eye and others. [1]Ways to get rid of wartsThere are several ways to get rid of warts, including: [2]Putting castor oil on the wart area, where an effective treatment is able to eliminate the wart, destroying the viral cells, and working to separate them from the original skin cells, where a sufficient amount of oil should be placed on the affected area, using a sterile cotton ball daily before bedtime.Resort to the use of tape for the removal of warts, where d

2 Ways to get rid of warts

ermatologists point out that this adhesive has great effectiveness in working to irritate the wart, so that a natural reaction of the body exposes the direction of this, is the response of the immune system to the virus and work to break the affected and caused tissue.The use of vitamin E oil, as it is an effective treatment for the problem of warts, placing it daily on the affected area.Vitamin C is one of the most effective treatments for the problem of warts, so it is an acidic compound with distinction, and this is done by grinding the vitamin C food supplements and mixing it with water daily, and it is advisable to cover the mixture after placing it on the affected area with a bandage, to ensure that it is not contaminated.Place the aloe vera oil on the affected area, which quickly breaks it and hides it, provided that it is placed daily on the affected area.Rub the area of warts with the skin of the banana, where the oils of the banana dick dissolve all the affected tissues, and thus get rid of those swellings.The ability to get rid of warts using basil paper down, as it kills the tissues that cause swelling, but this recipe takes a long time to give the best results.Garlic a

3 garlic and the treatment of the wart

nd wart treatmentGarlic can be used to get rid of warts, as it is considered a separate treatment to fight lightning strike swelling, as it also completely destroys the wart tissue, and thus get rid of this problem quickly. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to remove the third

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