How to remove turmeric from the hands

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How to remove turmeric from the hands – ” Contents1 oil2 lemon juice3 sugar and water mixture4 referencesOilsTurmeric can be removed from anywhere in the skin using vegetable oil or coconut oil, as follows: [1]DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Place two tablespoons of vegetable oil, or coconut oil in a safe bowl with a microwave, then heated for 15 seconds, checking the heat of the oil only without heating it, and if the turmeric stain is small on the skin, only a teaspoon of The oil can be used.Gently penetrate the skin for about 30 seconds, using circular motions.Leave the oil on the skin for a period of 60 seconds to get rid of the karspan completely.The skin is wiped with a piece of cotton, while making sure to wiggle the sides of the cotton after wiping the area, and the process is repeated until the cotton completely absorbs the oil, to notice the turmeric dye on the cotton and the cotton Can be replaced with a dark towel.The hand is washed with warm water and soap, in circular motions to get rid of any turmeric fall, then dry with a towel.The process is repeated in case the turmeric fall on the skin is still.LemonadeTurmeric can be removed on utensils, hands and nails, using acidic materials, such as: lemon juice, massaging the

2 lemon juice

hands well, and then wash them [2] and care should be taken to get rid of the remains of lemon juice well from the skin, especially for children, because Al -Laomon is exposed to the skin to sun sensitivity and skin infections. [3]Mix sugar and waterTurmeric can be removed from the skin, using the mixture of sugar and water, as follows: [1]instructions for use:Mix equal proportions of both warm water, ordinary sugar or reeds in a bowl.The ingredients are mixed well, for a thick mixture, which can be distributed with the help of the hand.The hands are gently massaged with circular motions, in order to get rid of turmeric, without pressure or tension; so as not to irritate the skin.The skin is rinsed with warm water and soap, after moving the hands to make a lather with soap, then dry the skin with a soft towel.It is recommended to repeat the process if the turmeric stain is still on the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 sugar and water mix

How to remove turmeric from the hands

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