How to smooth the body

1 Smoothing the body

How to smooth the body – ” Contents1 body smoothing2 recipes for smoothing the body3 tips and instructionsSmoothing the bodyEvery woman wants to possess the ideal body in every respect and protect it from the dryness to which it is exposed by sunlight, and by the action of weather fluctuations at one chapter to another; Therefore, there are many recipes and natural masks that give the body a soft and moist texture, and we will learn in this article some of these recipes, in addition to providing tips that will maintain the moisture and softness of the body.Recipes to soften the bodySalt and milkthe ingredientsThree tablespoons of coarse salt.Three tablespoons of milk.Two tablespoons of starch.Three tablespoons of rose water.How to use, mix the above ingredients in a small bowl and put a quantity of them in a sealed box, and when bathing, we hydrate the body with a little water and put the bathroom to the bathtub and for three Four minutes.Oil, sugar and lemonthe ingredientsOne cup of olive oil.Three tablespoons of sugar.Three small lemon juice.How to use, mix the ingredients in a small bowl and put the grip of a small hand and rub the body before bathing, as this recipe works to get rid of dead skin cells,

2 recipes to soften the body

giving the body a sweet name .Sweet almond oil and sugaringredientsFive tablespoons of sweet almond oil.Five tablespoons of sugar.Five bags of vanilla.How to use, mix the ingredients together well, put on the body, leave for fifteen minutes before bathing, then wash with cold water and put the appropriate moisturizer.Aromatic stone with ricethe ingredientsAromatic stone with the smell of oud or orange.One tablespoon of milled rice.How to use, mix the above ingredients, after breaking the most beautiful aromatic stone and rub it in a circular manner for five minutes, then take a shower with cold water and soap.Tips and adviceBathe with cold or hot water and avoid bathing in hot water, as we know, hot water causes dryness of the skin, while cold water hydrates and stimulates blood circulation in the body and protects it from exposure to dehydration.Increase dietary fluids, especially water, as it helps the body stay moist and smooth.To not increase the use of soap in chemicals, and it is better to use natural materials.It is best to use moisturizer after the bath, and it is best to be natural as all oils, for example, the most famous of which is coconut oil, because it is an oil wit

3 tips and instructions

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How to smooth the body

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