How to strengthen nails

1 tips for strengthening nails

How to strengthen nails – “Contents1 tips to strengthen the nails2 home routes3 nutrients to strengthen nails4 referencesTips for strengthening nailsIt is advisable to follow the following to preserve the power of the nails:Cut the nails to become short and with rounded edges using scissors, after bathing or washing because the nails are softer at these times. [1]Put on a moisturizer when moisturizing the hands and rub the nails with it. [2]Wear gloves after hand moisturizing when going to bed at night; Gloves can help keep nails wet and protect them from dehydration. [1]Keep nails dry and clean; Indeed, frequent water moisture can lead to nail cracks, and a cotton tension cotton basic food should be worn when washing or cleaning dishes, or using focused chemicals. [2]Avoid biting the nails or removing the excess skin around them with teeth; Where these habits can be attached to the nails, so the small wounds, in addition to the nails, can cause infection due to the entry of bacteria and fungi; The excess skin should be cut around the nails, and it is carefully cut with scissors instead. [3]Specialists should be consulted to perform tests for frequent nail problems. [3]Reduce the use of nail polish remover

2 home roads

or use an acetone-free type. [3]Household routesCoconut oilNails should be massaged daily with coconut oil; Where coconut oil contains all the nutrients that can all parts of the body, including nails, can benefit from it, so that it can strengthen it and make the surrounding skin healthier and more beautiful. [4]Orange juiceSoaking nails in fresh orange juice for 10 minutes a day can provide them with a lot of antioxidants that improve their strength and appearance, in addition to helping them grow better, and the nails should be rinsed well, to remove stroke acids from The skin and them, and then put on a natural moisturizer such as olives and flaxseed, or coconut oil to avoid dry nails. [4]Eat tomatoesAdding tomatoes to the diet to strengthen the nails, such as placing fresh tomato slices to salads and sandwiches, or drinking a cup of natural tomato juice in the morning, or adding tomato paste to food is useful for the nails, because tomatoes are one of the best sources of “A” vitamins and “C”, “B7” and Al -biotin. [4]Nutrients for strengthening the nailsIronLack of iron levels in the body can make nails weak; Indeed, iron is an important element of cell production throughout th

3 nutrients to strengthen nails

e body, and iron deficiency, known as anemia, can occur due to the poor ability to absorb nutrients, or certain diseases, lack of nutrition or taking certain types of drugs. [5 ]]ZincZinc deficiency in the body can lead to a weak immune system, and the growth process can slow down, including nails and hair, so it is advisable to take zinc supplements to avoid the effects of this deficiency, but it should be taken in a few amounts at first, because this element can cause distress in the stomach and diarrhea, it is recommended to take 8 milligrams for women over 19 years per day, and about 11 milligrams for men over 14 years per day, and A decrease in the element of zinc in vegetarians, pregnant women and infants may occur. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to strengthen nails

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