How to take care of hands and feet

1 How to take care of hands and feet

How to take care of hands and feet – ” Contents1 How to take care of hands and feet1.1 HYDRATED HANDS AND FEET1.2 Peeling hands and feet1.3 Taking care of hand and toenailsHow to take care of your hands and feetHands and feet are exposed daily to many factors and conditions that cause skin color and cracking in these areas, such as exposure to long hours of direct sunlight and the use of detergents and chemicals, so it is important to take the necessary Measures to take care of hands and feet, the most important of which is to get a healthy nutrition sound, which helps to maintain the health of the skin and compensate for damaged cells on its part.Moisturizing hands and feetMoisturizing hands and feet are one of the most important things to do in order to maintain their softness and youthfulness, and this is through the use of moisturizing creams for hands and feet, and maintaining their use several times during a single day, especially Before bedtime, which is the time when the hands or feet are not exposed to water and other chemicals, in addition to quickly renew the cells of the body during them, and one of the domestic routes can be used to moisturize hands and feet, through :Mix the amount of one tablespoon of s

1.1 Moisturizing hands and feet

our juice with three tablespoons of glycerin.Peel off a large potato and sprinkle it, then squeeze the juice out of it.Add one tablespoon of potato juice to the sour juice mixture and glycerin.Add the amount of ten drops of benzine extract to the previous mixture.Spread the result of the hands and feet and leave until the skin absorbs it completely.Peel hands and feetIt is known that skin cells live for a certain period of time, then die to show them in place of new, more effective leather cells, and often the dead skin accumulates under the feet and in other areas of the hands, causing their texture roughness and cracking, and it is important to get rid of this dead skin through the process of exfoliation, to use peeling products such as ointments and wash, or use the designated machines, or visit a beauty center and get handcuffs and foot care, or by applying one of the domestic routes, mixing two tablespoons of sugar with a little petroleum jelly and chewing the hands and feet with the mixture.Care for the nails of the hand and feetThe appearance of the nails with a healthy appearance is evidence of the health of the body, so it is important to take care of the health and appear

1.2 Peeling hands and feet

ance of the nails, maintaining the blow and cold of the nails and get rid of the surrounding fleshy appendages , prevent their cracking or change their color with the help of nail polish nourished, or resort to one of the domestic solutions, such as castor oil from the nail, or make a paste consisting of an equal amount of baking powder and sour juice, spreads the resulting paste On the nails and leave it until it dries.Was the article useful?

1.3 Caring for hands and feet nails

How to take care of hands and feet

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