How to take care of the dry skin

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How to take care of the dry skin – ” Contents1 dry skin2 ways to take care of dry skin3 natural recipes for dry skinDry skinDry skin is characterized by a set of properties; The most important of them: a coarse and peeling skin with the possibility of wounds and cracks, which are less likely to appear in pimples and buttons due to the low percentage of oils and fats, and this is what makes them require special care To avoid further injury, and in our topic, we will provide you with ways to take care of them, in addition to a set of natural recipes.Methods to take care of dry skinFollow a healthy dietDiet has followed a major role in obtaining a bright and soft skin, because dry skin lacks many essential elements, which leads to cracking and discoloration, and therefore the best way to take care of dry skin is not to eat good amounts of foods Rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and vitamins., minerals, antioxidants, which are widely available in fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains.Drink more waterHydration of the body and skin is one of the most important things to maintain fresh, glowing skin. Maintaining a natural level of fluid in the body completes the metabolism with great efficiency, so it is necessary to tak

2 Ways to take care of dry skin

e a quantity to eat a quantity of water at least eight cups per day; This is to hydrate the skin and rid it of toxins.practice of sportExercise regularly is one of the things that maintains the health and beauty of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and increasing blood flow in its cells, so take care to practice walking, running, yoga or cycling at a rate of at least half an hour per day.Avoid sun exposureA lot of exposure to ultraviolet sunlight leads to skin damage, dryness and increased problems and exposure to tanning and different burns, so we are eager to use moisturizers and protective creams from the sun, in addition to wearing cotton clothes with long sleeves.Natural recipes for dry skinOlive oil and almond oilMix equal amounts of almond oil and olive oil and massage the skin with the mixture to lighten the skin, and get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime, as this method moisturizes the skin and its cells are renewed.SandalwoodMix equal amounts of sandalwood powder, sweet turmeric and a small amount of liquid milk, apply the mixture on the skin and let it dry completely, and we constantly use this recipe to get a soft and moist skin.YogurtCharbel milk is one of th

3 Natural recipes for dry skin

e natural ingredients that moisturizes the skin, and relieves its dryness, due to the content of lactic acid and zinc, and so we are eager to massage the dry skin with the curd regularly to exfoliate and moisturize it.Cucumber and honeyHoney moisturizes the skin, opens its color and cucumber juice gives the skin the necessary softness, and eliminates spots, where we mix honey and cucumber, and apply it on dry skin, to give it freshness and radiance in a short period.PapayaMix a small amount of papaya puree, well of lime powder and apply the mixture on the skin for some time before washing it with water.Was the article useful?

How to take care of the dry skin

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