How to take care of the hands

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How to take care of the hands – ” Contents1 hand care1.1 Treatment of dry hands1.2 Smooth hands1.3 Get rid of dead cells1.4 Treatment of cracked hands1.5 Hands WhiteningHandcuffsHands are considered one of the most vulnerable areas of the body to germs and sunlight directly during the day, and these issues lead to a major change in the appearance of external hands; therefore, you need great attention and care of time to one to avoid damage. During this article, we will discuss some ways to take care of both hands.Treatment of dry handsIngredients:One teaspoon of natural liquid honey.An appropriate amount of pure olive to prepare:Put natural honey in an appropriate bowl.Add olive oil and mix them well.Apply the mixture on the hands with a full massage.Leave it for about two hours.Remove the mixture with a cleanser without chemicals that harm the skin.Smooth handsingredients:Two teaspoons of almond oil.One teaspoon of liquid natural honey.Any type of to prepare:Mix the almond oil and natural honey well to make a firm mixture that is easy to apply.Add the fragrance to the previous ingredients.Apply the mixture on the hands with the grease constantly circular with the fingers.Leave the mixture f

1.1 Treatment of dry hands

or a period of at least fifteen minutes.Rinse your hands with warm water and soap, this mixture can be applied twice a week to get satisfactory results.Get rid of dead skin cellsingredients:A little rough sugar.An appropriate amount of olive to prepare:Put rough sugar in a deep bowl.Add olive oil and mix it well.Put the mixture on your hands and leave it for a short time.Wash your hands with warm water, and it is best to use this recipe daily for best results.Cracking Hand TreatmentIngredients:A little boiling water.An appropriate amount of to prepare:Put boiling water and chamomile in an appropriate bowl and mix them well for a smooth mixture.Apply the mixture on your hands and massage well with the tips of your fingers.Leave the mixture on the hands for at least ten minutes.Wash hands well with warm water and soap after finishing, and it is best to repeat this mixture regularly to achieve the required results.HandIngredients:1 tablespoon olive oil.1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.A few drops of lemon juice.Peel it like an orange peel.1 tablespoon of liquid natural honey.How to prepare:Put the olive oil, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in a medium bowl

1.2 Smoothing hands

.Add both orange peel and honey to the previous ingredients and mix well.Apply the mixture to your hands and rub it in well.Leave the mixture on for only fifteen minutes.Wash your hands with lukewarm water well.Was the article useful?

1.3 Get rid of dead cells

How to take care of the hands

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