How to take care of the hands

1 Use the appropriate soap for hands

How to take care of the hands – ” Contents1 Use appropriate hand soap2 Use sunscreen3 Massage4 Natural hand care recipes5 referencesUsing the right soap for your handsIt is advisable to use the appropriate soap for both hands to preserve them, as many dermatologists are advised to avoid the use of harsh soaps, and there is no need to use any of the types of antibacterial soaps where the skin can affect Dehydration, as it can contribute to the process of getting rid of beneficial bacteria, which will make the environment fertile to reproduce harmful bacteria that help resist natural antibiotics. [1]Use sunscreenIt is advisable to apply sunscreen on the hands and continuously and continuously, after washing them, taking care to renew it every time the skin is exposed to the sun, because it is best to use the sunscreen equal or more than thirty protection factors Before directing it, for double protection, sunscreen is mixed with a cream in the hand and placed on the hands after that. [2]massageHand massage falls under the list of the most important methods to take care of the hands and maintain them, and this can be done during the process of hand washing, as they are quickly massaged on the right side of the hand

2 Using sunscreen

near the thumb and thumb Repeat this process for all fingers at the beginning of each of them from the base and even the party. [3]Natural recipes for hand careTo take care of both hands and preserve their freshness and beauty, it is recommended to apply one of the natural recipes that give them many benefits, which include the recipe of lemon and rose water, and it is by mixing glycerin with five drops of rose Water with a teaspoon of lemon hypnotics, then the hands are massaged with the resulting mixture for a period that varies between 10 and 15 minutes, the hands can also be massaged with a mixture consisting of cucumber and glycerin to protect them with a freshness and radiance , and to keep the back of the hands from wrinkles, egg whites can be used and placed on it. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 massage

4 natural recipes for hand care

How to take care of the hands

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