How to take care of the hands in the winter

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How to take care of the hands in the winter – “Contents1 Hand care in winter2 How to take care of hands in winter3 Hand care in winter4 referencesHand care for winterThe skin of the hand in winter is exposed to many problems, such as cracking, roughness and dehydration; This is due to the lack of moisture, high dehydration and exposure to heating devices, hot water and cleanser, which remove all the natural oils from the hands necessary to protect them. In this article, we will show some tips on how to take care of hands in winter, in addition to some of the masks needed to do so. [1]How to take care of your hands in winterTo take care of hands in winter, there are many tips to follow:[2]Keep deeply moisturized, using natural hands or recipes such as: olive oil, coconut oil and chia butter. It is recommended to avoid commercial creams containing oil derivatives and replace them with creams of dense composition.Peel your skin from time to time; To ensure effective refreshments for refreshments, it is possible to mix a tablespoon of white sugar or brown sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil and put it on the hands for several minutes.Wear gloves when you leave the house; to protect your hands from the effects of cold and dryness.Wa

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sh your hands with warm water instead of hot water, then use the moisturizer immediately.Wear rubber gloves inside the house while doing household chores, such as washing clothes and utensils, and using chemical cleaners.Use natural blends, which in turn keep the skin moist and provide important vitamins to balance the acidity factor of the ph.Cover your hands with an herbal bath or with natural oils, and the herbal bath can be prepared by adding one of the dried herbs such as chamomile or sage to hot water, then soak the hands with it for fifteen minutes, then dry it well and apply moisturizer, or it is possible to massage the hands for several minutes in a mixture prepared from a few drops of almond oil, with the same of any essential oil, such as rosemary, for example.Hand mask in winterOne of the most important natural recipes for the hands in winter:Avocado: crush an avocado fruit, then add a little olive oil and apply the mixture to your hands for ten minutes, then wash them with warm water, this mask treats redness and irritation of red skin.Milk: Mix a little yogurt or natural rib with milk and cream butter and apply the mixture on your hands for fifteen minutes, then wash

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them with cold water. The mask softens the skin and renews its cells.Oatmeal: Mix a quantity of oatmeal with the same amount of honey and an egg yolk, apply the mixture on your hands for twenty minutes, then wash them with cold water. This mask refreshes the skin and increases its softness.Banana: The Glypsi text is a fruit of bananas, then mix it from a fresh amount of cream and apply the mixture on your hands for thirty minutes to moisturize and nourish the skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to take care of the hands in the winter

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